Savvy Shopping

5 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half


Going grocery shopping is one of those household chores that very few people enjoy, but everyone has to do. It can also be a source of stress, trying to purchase the necessities to keep your family fed, while maintaining a reasonable budget. Here are a few ways where you can cut your monthly grocery bill…

Big Screen TV vs. Projector


When you’re in the market for a big TV, there are many options available, making the decision on what to buy one that deserves research. Maybe you’ve decided that you’re going to forgo the screen and go with a projector instead. The following list will break down the differences between a big screen and a projector.

New DealsPlus iPhone App Available Now! Win an iPad Mini with Retina Display


We’ve released an entirely new DealsPlus iPhone app with a whole new look. We gave the app a completely new look and design. The app carefully balances a visually modern and beautiful shopping experience with simplicity and ease of use. Click here to download on iTunes Users can seamlessly browse popular deals of the day as well as…

5 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

wedding favors

All weddings are memorable in their own way – from the best man roast and the lemon-inspired bridesmaid dresses to the mystery stuffed chicken and your great-aunt’s lopsided wig. But, these memories are what make your guests gush the next morning about what a great time they had. Give your friends and family one more…

Wedding Bliss on a Budget: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Cut Corners On

budget wedding ideas

It’s no secret—weddings are expensive. There are a million expenses you’ll have to budget for as you plan your special day. Of course, there are some aspects of your wedding where getting a bargain will serve you well. However, to make your special day as blissful as possible, there are certain matrimonially elements where you shouldn’t cut corners. Find out what parts of your wedding you should allocate more of your budget towards.