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Updated July 3rd, 2015
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11 Printable Coupons Valid through July 6

This particular set of coupon may not be valid for all Chuck E Cheese location, to ensure that you have the correct coupons, please also head over to this Chuck E Cheese Coupon Page and input your local Chuck E Cheese.
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Expires: 07/06/15

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Chuck E Cheese Coupons for Your Location

Get coupons for your next birthday or pizza party! Save on tokens & more.
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love it
Posted by gmiddalia Mar 02, 2015
Hello. Great place to have parties.
Posted by stichtert Jan 13, 2015
Thanks for the coupons
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Love it
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love our chuck e cheese
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[Printable] Chuck E.'s Big Deal - 250 Free Tickets

On Mondays and Tuesdays at participating Chuck E. Cheese's, get 250 free tickets with purchase of any Value Deal. Valid for a limited time.
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Im giving my son a party next month at chuck e cheese any coupons for may 23
Posted by shatyra27 Apr 30, 2015
any birthday coupons for this sunday
Posted by luisito74rivera Nov 21, 2014
love it
Posted by msschakaraeleby Oct 17, 2014
Birthday coupons come in handy
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Up to 15% Off Chuck E Cheese Gift Cards

Limited availability. Check back for updated offers.
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10 Free Tokens Reward Calendars

Chuck E Cheese has a selection of Reward Calendars parents can print out and have kids mark off as they complete their daily tasks or goals. Once the calendar is completed, bring it in to your local Chuck E Cheese for 10 free tokens as a reward!
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Chuck E Cheese Triple Play! Win More Free Tickets

For a limited time only, families who visit Chuck E. Cheese's can earn more FREE tickets the more times they visit! Get 50 free tickets on your first visit. With your receipt from your first visit, you'll get 100 free tickets on your second visit. Bring back your receipt from your second visit on your third visit and get 250 FREE tickets
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Just signed up to receive Chuck E Cheese coupons
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These coupons are different from other website coupons for Chuck E Cheese. the other websites give more value than registering at the Chuck E Cheese website. they're a rip off!
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Great, I used a coupon code for pizza hut. Lots of coupons on this roundup.
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kids have lots of fun at chuck & cheese
Posted by sylviam102073 Aug 07, 2014
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Rewards Calendars

Looking a way to reward your kids? How about reward them with FREE tokens to Chuckecheese

  • Print out a calendar
  • Each time your child accomplishes something mark/sign it.
  • Once completed, bring it to Chuckecheeses to get 10 FREE tokens!
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This is like using a printable coupon! I used it to get 10 free tokens.
Posted by printable_coupon Aug 27, 2014
Chuckecheeses is the place to be !!!!!!!
Posted by Anonymous Feb 12, 2013
does this really work??
Posted by Anonymous Sep 20, 2012
hey i just met you and this is crazy but here's my number so GO TO CHUCK E CHEESE'S!
Posted by Anonymous Aug 13, 2012
it is so babyish
Posted by Anonymous Apr 10, 2012
I won some free tickets, didn't even need coupons.
Posted by printable_coupon Aug 27, 2014
great place for kids.
Posted by sylviam102073 Aug 07, 2014

Check Out the Chuck E Cheese Menu

See the menu options for pizza, complements, sandwiches, desserts and beverages.
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Download the New Chuck E Cheese App

Win up to 1,000 ticket to redeem on your next visit!
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Chuck E. Cheese Games Activity & Downloads

Print out some Chuck E. Cheese game and activities for the kids! Activities include:
  • Reading with Chuck E
  • Chuck E Coloring Sheets
  • Chuck E Cheese Wallpapers
  • Ringtones
  • Songs
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About Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese is one of the most popular family and kid destinations and is known for its selection of arcade games, pizza and ticket prizes. Parents can get discounts on birthday specials, pizza, salad bar, appetizers, drinks, and even free tokens with the latest printable coupons.

What Types of Chuck E Cheese Coupons are there?

There are a few different printable coupons offered at Chuck E Cheese, here are a few popular discounts we've seen.
  • Free tokens with a value deal - Usually you can get 10 to 20 free tokens when you purchase a pizza and drink bundle.
  • 100 Tokens for $20 - Get 100 tokens for only 20¢ each. That's 5¢ off the regular price, or 20% off.
  • All You Can Eat Salad Bar - This coupon typically allows each person to eat their salad bar for a discounted price.
  • Pizza Discounts - Get a discount on your single pizza purchase. Most of the time it is only valid for a large pizza.

Are there Birthday Discounts?

You can reserve a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and get special discounts on food, plus get bonus ticket and token offers! Usually the birthday boy or girl gets 400-1000 free tickets and at least 15 free tokens. There are also free souvenirs for the birthday boy or girl to take home. (see more birthday info)

What Other Discounts does Chuck E Cheese Offer?

Chuck E Cheese offers rewards calendars (see calendars here) that serve as incentive for your son or daughter to accomplish daily goals, such as doing chores, cleaning their rooms, and even graduating from their class. Each of these calendars includes 10 free tokens as a reward for the child's good behavior, typically over a course of two weeks.

Aside from birthday parties, other group events include two slices of pizza per child, drinks with unlimited free refills, 16 tokens for each child, and a 90-minute reserved table. Often you may find "Double Token" events where you can get double tokens when you reserve a group event. (see group events)