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Updated December 26th, 2014
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Free $10 in Groupon Bucks When You Refer a Friend

Earn $10 for every friend you refer to Groupon. You can earn up to $100 in Groupon Bucks through the referral program. See details at for more information.
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@dfwhub You will have to discuss this with Groupon. You can contact their customer support here
Posted by tr1plication Oct 27, 2014
Today I referred my friend and I let them use my card on their account since I owe them some money, but I got an error message.

Sorry, we are unable to process your order at this time. Please contact Customer Service for assistance.

Is it because I'm using the same card on two different accounts, or because the purchases are too close together?
Posted by dfwhub Oct 27, 2014
bill saver
Posted by Anithabalaji Oct 18, 2014
You need ot refer a friend first and should receive email @rkbhuvanagiri
Posted by Anonymous Oct 06, 2014
Waiting for Free coupon code
Posted by rkbhuvanagiri Oct 06, 2014
wow here are some good clearance deals
Posted by martz1189 Sep 10, 2014
Add Comment | Share4 days ago by Nellysg
where's the groupon promo code?
Posted by ambernrickey 26 days ago
great deals and stuff
Posted by Anithabalaji Oct 18, 2014
love groupon
Posted by AngieM13 Sep 23, 2014
Saving money with Groupons!
Posted by virpags Sep 22, 2014
loving groupon
Posted by meronaomi Sep 18, 2014
Love Groupon!
Posted by neyney47 6 days ago
Posted by Vtwardowski12 Oct 26, 2014

Save Up to 90% on Today's Best Deals in Your City

Save 50-90% with a Groupon Deal, both Locally and Nationally
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send the discount show coupen
Posted by Anonymous Mar 15, 2012
Cool. Thanks for sharing this..!
Posted by Anonymous Mar 14, 2012

Free Shipping & Returns on Groupon Goods

Spend $24.99 or More and get Free Shipping on Groupon Goods. Free Returns, too!
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1 Comment | Share10 days ago by blackfoot
Awesome code, saved 15% off clothing
Posted by Anonymous 9 days ago
2 Comments | Share13 days ago by rd995
The $99.00 massage deal that I just bought did not give me the option to use the Groupon code RELAX10 for $10.00 off.
The code was good for today so I would appreciate it if you could take the $10.00 off the paid amount. Thank you, Cela Diefenbach
Posted by Cela12tylertown 11 days ago
Great gift idea for the holidays!
Posted by Anonymous 11 days ago
1 Comment | Share16 days ago by blackfoot
Starts 12/12
Posted by blackfoot 16 days ago
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About Groupon

Groupon offers daily deals for local restaurants, health and beauty, and many more local businesses in your area. They also have Groupon Goods deals on electronics, apparel and more as well as Groupon Getaways vacation deals.

Holiday Free Shipping Deadlines

What are the Best Groupon Coupons?

Groupon does not release coupon codes very often, and when they do, they are usually only valid for a day or two and then they're gone. The best coupons for Groupon are for 10-20% off a major category, such as 10% off all Groupon Goods or 20% off all local deals.

Some less popular, but still valuable coupons are for 10-20% off specific categories, such as 20% off golf deals or 10% off a spa service. They don't quite have the range of savings as a site-wide code, which would include these and virtually any other deals.

What are the Best Groupon Deals?

Some of the best Groupon deals, and most popular, are for discounted vouchers or gift cards to other stores. One popular deal was a $10 Target gift card for just $5!

Possibly the most popular deals we'll ever see are for discounted gas cards. These are so popular that they sell out within just a few minutes, and it's no wonder why. Typically these deals are for about 50% off a Shell gas card. If you see this deal, make sure you purchase, but once again, it's too popular to last.

Depending on your interests and tastes, you can find some great local deals on food or things to do. All of which are better with a promo code.

How Do I Get Referral Credit?

Simply create an account, then visit the visitor referral page and send your referral link to your friends and family. When they purchase their first deal, you get $10 referral credit!

What Types of Groupon Deals are Out There?

There are several different types of deals that Groupon offers. See what you can save on below!
  • Local Deals - Find deals on restaurants, spas, health & fitness, and more things to do around your area.
  • Getaways - Plan your next vacation with deals on hotels and resorts. Choose from thousands of hotels.
  • Home - Find online classes and deals on products