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Updated March 3rd, 2015
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Thank you Kim for your outstanding cuseomtr service! I have enjoyed working with you since day one! You are always on top of it (even when you had a baby!) and I appreciate YOU! Not only are you great to work with, but I love the coupons I receive every week-and so do my cuseomtrs! I sell over 250 papers a week because my cuseomtrs know they are getting a guarantee of the best coupons available! Thank you Kim for all you do to help all of us out here in Jefferson to save money!
Posted by Anonymous Jun 13, 2012
you were able to score the $1/3 Renuzit Adjustables Coupon found here today (which is now gone), then here a sweet deal you can get starting next week at
Posted by Anonymous Jun 13, 2012
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