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DealsPlus Hour-a-Day Giveaway: iPod Shuffle

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What's the matter?
xichigox Mar 20, 2007
Congrats puppyshy!!
youmakememad Mar 20, 2007
congrats puppyshy!
azndailo Mar 20, 2007
congrats puppyshy!
puppyshy82 Mar 20, 2007
Thanks Deals Plus! You're the Best!!
Color: Blue
Location: New York, NY
Pix: I will post it tonite.
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themoneyman1113 Mar 20, 2007
Way to go puppyshy, enjoy your ipod. what color did you choose?
satchmo Mar 20, 2007
Way to go puppyshy. Enjoy!
grizparker Mar 20, 2007
Congrats puppyshy82! Which color you going for?
decimator2 Mar 20, 2007
Congrats to puppyshy!
firefly_o0o8 Mar 20, 2007
congrats to puppyshy!
azndailo Mar 20, 2007
who won?
grizparker Mar 20, 2007
klammecp Mar 19, 2007
looks like i missed it. good luck to all
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hoboto Mar 19, 2007
I don't know who can't help but look at your avatar klammecp. How can someone even balance on that without falling (and breaking a bone?)?
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davewavy Mar 19, 2007
thats one sweet ride hos.
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Eve15 Mar 19, 2007
Good luck to those who entered and awesome job on that Vid utch!
Cheers to all Spring Break Students! Have fun down in Cancun! Haha!
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otherguy Mar 19, 2007
Goodluck everyone, and thanks DealsPlus for creating such a great community (and of course for the cool prizes too)!
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Chiefzor Mar 19, 2007
good luck everyone!
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vectra5 Mar 19, 2007
Lots of Love in our DP Community! Good Luck and Congrats to Winner!!
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gdog05 Mar 19, 2007
Utch, you did an awesome job on the vid! Thanks for that. I wish I were motivated :( But congrats to you!
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bossusa Mar 19, 2007
Good Luck Everyone !!!
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xichigox Mar 19, 2007
Good luck everyone! I'm on spring break finally!
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chickeneater4 Mar 19, 2007
aw missed it, congrats to those who made it
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carolinechang_8 Mar 19, 2007
awww missed it =/
but good luck everyone!! =]
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AP578 Mar 19, 2007
ah just missed it....goodluck to everyone who made it today!
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Chicken925 Mar 19, 2007
ahh i missed it again

gl evwybady
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utch Mar 19, 2007
Hey everyone help out and spread the word!

Digg Me
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Flaminfire Mar 19, 2007
Didnt get here in time, but good luck everyone!
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hoboto Mar 19, 2007
Good luck everyone! Happy End of Monday!
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firefly_o0o8 Mar 19, 2007
hey hoboto - you're everywhere lmao
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hoboto Mar 19, 2007
;) What can I say, I don't have a life.
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Vin_Diesel Mar 19, 2007
Expired. Thanks.
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noodle Mar 19, 2007
good luck, peoples
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jryder522 Mar 19, 2007
i'm in
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djjangelo Mar 19, 2007
I'm in
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johng333 Mar 19, 2007
matwat22 Mar 19, 2007
very nice
twilliams75 Mar 19, 2007
Great video Utch. Thanks for the info and the laugh.
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mpopow Mar 19, 2007
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Snapp Mar 19, 2007
I was wondering where this was...
mrsbeswetherick Mar 19, 2007
bigpunisher670 Mar 19, 2007
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm chicken
Chrysaor Mar 19, 2007
I'm in!
parvezag Mar 19, 2007
IN! made it!
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matt1487 Mar 19, 2007
WIll I ever win?
creeve Mar 19, 2007
Why hello.
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Haxxy Mar 19, 2007
Eight minutes in time.

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fugrank Mar 19, 2007
gl, hf
sinnistergrin Mar 19, 2007
Hook me up please!! I need to shuffle some slayer!!
falcon01 Mar 19, 2007
:-) I am in..
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Rohini Mar 19, 2007
I wish I will get this time.

Anyway wishes to all. Whoever gets, enjoy, others dont give up, we have many more chances to come.
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Timmie Mar 19, 2007
Count me in
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venkatananth Mar 19, 2007
Guys, good luck to all.
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MrPaulAR Mar 19, 2007
show me the luv
ring123 Mar 19, 2007
I am in
big_gulps Mar 19, 2007
YAY! went on vacation, but back to win! gl all
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