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DealsPlus Hour-a-Day Giveaway: iPod Shuffle

1. Simply reply to this thread before it expires (for 3 hours).
2. Also invite your friends and if one of them wins a prize, you'll win the same prize.

Your odds will be increased by your activity (Tell-a-Friend ...)

Shuffle goes to me_tutu1. Congrats!
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What's the matter?
youmakememad Apr 18, 2007
congrats metutu1!!! Enjoy!
themoneyman1113 Apr 18, 2007
Enjoy your iPod. Contratulations!
eeklipz Apr 18, 2007
themoneyman1113 Apr 18, 2007
Congrats on the win. Enjoy your Shuffle.
satchmo Apr 18, 2007
Congratulations! Enjoy!
azndailo Apr 18, 2007
me_tutu1 Apr 17, 2007
1. What color do you like to get? : Blue
2. Your city and state: Farmington Hills, Michigan
3. Upload your real picture for 2 days. Uploaded
u just made my day deals plus Thanks and good luck to everybody on the next giveaways!
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twilliams75 Apr 18, 2007
don't forget to reply to the email.
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me_tutu1 Apr 18, 2007
What do I have to write in that email? My name and address?
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Sexxxy Apr 18, 2007
Im pretty sure its just your name and email. Do it soon! :D
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nimrodboy3 Apr 17, 2007
Congrats me_tutu1. Enjoy =).
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Sexxxy Apr 17, 2007
Congrats me_tutu1, have fun with the ipod!
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Hooah Apr 17, 2007
Early congrats to the lucky winner(s)!
decimator2 Apr 17, 2007
I changed my pic to honor those of Virgina Tech and Congrats to the winner(s) of the shuffle
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hoboto Apr 17, 2007
Good luck everyone! By the way, I just got my 360 today, I posted up pics here, stay tuned to see them!

Congrats to the future winners of the shuffle!
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Eve15 Apr 17, 2007
That is great boboto! My hubby plays Halo Live at night with his brothers and cousins! I also won a Wii and patiently awaiting its arrival. I can't wait.

Congratulations to the Winners of Today and please keep contributing to Dealplus! It is appreciated!
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dubagent Apr 17, 2007
hey guys..finally had time to take a pic of my new shuf! Pretty slick..Im rockin it now. .Thanks to DP! Everyone goodluck!

My new shuf:
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shirokage Apr 17, 2007
i am in
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samba3_11 Apr 17, 2007
Note quite friend. You're just a little late, by about three hours. better luck next time, mate!
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EclipseMTL Apr 17, 2007
good luck
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SugarLily Apr 17, 2007
Good luck everyone!
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Breex243 Apr 17, 2007
good luck to all those who entered-I missed it b/c I had to get some spray paint, lol.

I'm rooting for a refer-ee and his/her referrer for a win!
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kristi0512 Apr 17, 2007
I hope I win!
xiao Apr 17, 2007
good luck!
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Eve15 Apr 17, 2007
They are in our thoughts and prayers.
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davebressi Apr 17, 2007
Good luck everyone.
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dealspluser Apr 17, 2007
In. GL, All.
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batman Apr 17, 2007
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NYClubs Apr 17, 2007
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thedechoon Apr 17, 2007
me 2.
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beyond9001 Apr 17, 2007
kewl i'm in!
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SoccerDJ04 Apr 17, 2007
I want it
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chadpredmore Apr 17, 2007
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Stomach Apr 17, 2007
pick me!
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Mustang02 Apr 17, 2007
i'm in
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goodscottyds Apr 17, 2007
kinky kelly and the sexy stud.
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dananabanana Apr 17, 2007
from clerks 2!
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themoneyman1113 Apr 17, 2007
I made it today awesome. Good luck to everyone.
My prayers go to all those affected by the horrible event at Virginia Tech.
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toast Apr 17, 2007
I second that, to both comments. I hope no one ever feels so out of it and like they don't have anyone to talk to.
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branie Apr 17, 2007
Sad that someone gave a minus to that comment! Very sad!
ori1pori Apr 17, 2007
hmmm ... i wonder if this time it'll be me :)
branie Apr 17, 2007
I'm in. Good luck to all.
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jweith Apr 17, 2007
just in time gggggggggggggooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddd LUCK
Texas_Aggie Apr 17, 2007
Throw enough darts... eventually you'll hit the bullseye.
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jack56 Apr 17, 2007
Good luck!
ajthepoolman Apr 17, 2007
good luck everyone! I took a nice long walk this afternoon while listening to the Shuffle that I won from DealsPlus!
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sh8rkie Apr 17, 2007
Whew!!! made it!
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adrenaline Apr 17, 2007
raynorshyne Apr 17, 2007
im in!
KUSHMAN Apr 17, 2007
good luck everyone :)
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qwksir Apr 17, 2007
dkloosterman Apr 17, 2007
i'm in.
erick99 Apr 17, 2007
ledhead10506 Apr 17, 2007
me me
mike13 Apr 17, 2007
count me in. good luck!
v6celebrity Apr 17, 2007
i'm in
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anoth Apr 17, 2007
klammecp Apr 17, 2007
im in
JuanPy Apr 17, 2007
In , Good luck everyone