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Updated December 5th, 2014
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Just for fun
Posted by Anonymous Jun 25, 2013
Took forever to get the first email, had to resubmit info a couple of times. Hardley any coupons come in the emails, only "come and try our new"...
Posted by Anonymous Jul 19, 2011
scam, all these coupons seem to not be able to business honestly.
Posted by Anonymous Jul 10, 2011
Worthless site... it keeps taking you back to the home page.. no coupons!
Posted by Anonymous Jun 02, 2011
ilove dennys meals more in mornings
Posted by Anonymous Mar 25, 2011
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Dennys owns, operates and franchises family-style, fast-food and steakhouse restaurants. Denny's is not affiliated with DealsPlus and does not participate in our coupon distribution program