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@Azita123 It looks like there are no coupons available at this time, but you can click the "Subscribe to Coupons" button and you will receive alerts for new coupons when they are available.
Posted by tr1plication 19 days ago
I need promo code
Posted by Azita123 19 days ago
great deal
Posted by bravada02 23 days ago
first time
Posted by lminter1030 24 days ago
I need promo codes please
Posted by guyacosta1965 24 days ago

$9.99 for Special Weekend Rates

Rent a car starting at $9.99. Enterprise coupon code is not needed - prices are as marked and discounts are applied automatically. Select your car rental dates to see what deals are available.
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1 Comment | ShareJul 07, 2015
Enterprise rent a car made it so easy and affordable.

Posted by rosepabs Aug 01, 2015

$19.99/Day Full Size Vehicle Rentals with Weekend Special Rates

Starts 8/11

Valid at participating neighborhood locations within the U.S. and Puerto Rico only for rentals reserved in advance. Rental must begin on or after September 11, 2015 and end on or before May 25, 2016.
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3 Comments | ShareJul 07, 2015
@bd7602 special rates is valid for any vehicle rental on or after September 11, 2015 and end on or before May 25, 2016. Updated description, thanks!
Posted by monster1991 Jul 21, 2015
Doesnt work only weekend of 9/11
Posted by bd7602 Jul 21, 2015
Rental must end on or before May 20, 2015
Posted by WickedWendy May 18, 2015
didnt go to the website
Posted via DealsPlus app Jul 05, 2015
yep, it's a link to their truck page with discounts up to 20% off.
Posted by Acarone Apr 15, 2015
This link gives no discount
Posted by elvisap004 Apr 15, 2015
great business
Posted by said1996 Mar 22, 2015
Great service
Posted by weezy111180 Jan 27, 2015

$25-$75 Off Long Term Rentals

Save an Extra $25 Off Every Month You Rent a Car!
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I, need to rent a SUV in November for trip to Chicago.
Posted by MINXGOTTI 18 days ago
I wanted a up grade coupon on a large suv
Posted via DealsPlus app 23 days ago
1 Comment | ShareJun 17, 2015 by unstoppable85
Love love there deals rentals
Posted by jessikajasso1989 Jul 01, 2015

Extra 10% Off Enterprise Car Rentals in Europe

Whether you're renting a car, truck, van or SUV, almost all Enterprise rentals are discounted by an extra 10% off. No coupon code is needed - select your rental details and get your discount applied automatically.
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Add Comment | Share22 days ago
You don't need coupon codes to get this offer. Click "Redeem Offer" and you'll be routed to the sale/offer page.
Posted by DealiciousPie Mar 21, 2015
What is the coupon code?
Posted by lioness810 Feb 11, 2015

Check Out Enterprise's Used Car Sale Guarantee

Get discounted used car prices, certification, free CARFAX reports and more
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7 Comments | Share24 days ago
Posted via DealsPlus app 20 days ago
what a joke
Posted via DealsPlus app 22 days ago
There's no savings thats everyday advertisement
Posted via DealsPlus app 30 days ago
There is no savings and this hast changed!
Posted via DealsPlus app Jul 31, 2015
where are the savings
Posted via DealsPlus app Jul 26, 2015

Summer Rentals at Low Rates

Starting August 21st, 2015 get cheap car rentals at Enterprise starting at $9.99 per day. No coupon codes are needed to get these discounted prices. Choose the car/truck/SUV of your choice, rental period, and dates to see today's deals.
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9 Comments | ShareJun 16, 2015
please send me the code namsang89@Nate.com
Posted by namsang89 13 days ago
@Azita123 It looks like there are no coupons available at this time, but you can click the "Subscribe to Coupons" button and you will receive alerts for new coupons when they are available.
Posted by tr1plication 19 days ago
Please send me a code to my email najafk_azi@yahoo.com
Posted by Azita123 19 days ago
Please send a code to my email felicreese1@gmail.com
Posted by felic1 20 days ago
Those rate do not begin until Aug. 21st through enterprise. This is not a coupon
Posted by neiobi305 20 days ago

Get Enterprise Coupons for Free Car Rental Upgrades

No code is required! Click this coupon link to access a free car rental upgrade, weekend car rental deals and more offers.
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There was no coupon?!
Posted via DealsPlus app Jul 30, 2015
so there is no coupon code,,,, and when i go to the site.. there is no discount.. why offer a code if it is going to cost more.
Posted by jojoba1958 Jul 27, 2015
Do not use 95% of the coupons.
Posted via DealsPlus app Jul 26, 2015
Ridiculous price. Quoted by company $30. Your $230.
Posted via DealsPlus app Jul 19, 2015
Click "Current Specials" and you'll see what Enterprise has to offer.
Posted via DealsPlus app Jul 15, 2015
Is cheaper to go straight to enterprise
Posted by reginaldwaltonsr 17 days ago
This link does nothing. Rates were the same as before I came to this site. No upgrade available from use of this coupon.
Posted by ldrylie Jun 23, 2015
How do you get the free upgrade???
Posted by sjs8311 May 18, 2015
how do you get an upgrade coupon. I need one now
Posted by NANNYH1 Mar 18, 2015
I rented a car from Enterprise and they gave us a free upgrade when we had a slight worry about the car. I was extremely happy with the service I received.
Posted by flea327 Feb 08, 2015
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car is one of the largest car rental, car sharing, motorcycle rental, truck rental and carpooling services in the nation. With over 7,000 Enterprise car rental locations at airports and neighborhood locations throughout the world, they make it easy to find cheap, affordable rentals with free pick-up. Save even more money by using today's Enterprise coupons, promo codes and sales to save up to 20% off or more.

What are the best Enterprise coupons and deals?

While Enterprise coupon codes are not always available, they often have savings that are applied automatically. For instance, they often have weekend deals with car rentals starting at just $9.99 per day. you can set custom rate plans. If you rent for a month or longer, you'll get extra discounts of 10% off or more on all cars, trucks and vans with their Month-Or-More Rental Plan.

Trying to rent a car across the world? Enterprise offers cars, trucks, SUV's, vans and more in Canada, UK, Europe and more, often with a 10% off Enterprise coupon code that works on top of all car rentals and rideshares. They'll even pick you up and take you to your car for free - no extra coupons needed.

How do I use my coupon code?

    1. Select your country, pick up location, return location, and rental dates.

    2. Select your vehicle by size, class, or number of passengers. No matter what type of car, van or truck rental you choose, Enterprise offers cheap prices on thousands of vehicle types.

    3. Find an Enterprise coupon code to use. Note that most offers do not require promo codes, as discounts are applied automatically.

    4. Enter the coupon code into the field that says, "Optional: Coupon, Customer, or Corporate Number."

    5. Finalize your rental order to see your discounted rates.

How to get the best Enterprise car rental deals:

When it comes to renting a car, timing is everything. The good thing is, unlike hotels and flights, weekend rates tend to be cheaper than weekday rates. Also, several times a year Enterprise discounts weekend rentals by an average of 10-20% off, so prices start at just $9.99 per day.

You can also save more money by considering Enterprise's Car Share feature, where you can rent a vehicle by the hour, one day, or just overnight. Even better, fuel is included in your purchase, as well as insurance protection, 24/7 member service and a large variety of cars to choose from. Hourly rates start at just $3 per hour! Sign up to become a member now.

Bonus tips: How to save on car, SUV, or truck rentals

There are a few more things to consider before you rent a car.
    1. Pay for your own gas. Don't pre-purchase gas from the car rental company, unless you're really using every drop. Sure, they price gas cheaper than local gas stations, but if you don't use it all you're paying for the next person's gas.

    2. Smaller is better. No, seriously. The larger your car, the more you'll pay per day! Pack light and make sure no extra room is needed on your trip. You could save up to 50% off car rental costs.

    3. Book in advance. Rental car prices are based on availability, so the more cars are available, the more deals are to be found. So book about three weeks in advance or more to get an average 10% off discount or more.

    4. Check out all current Enterprise coupons and deals before you book. Obviously, in addition to choosing the right car, time, insurance plan and more, it's good to know what deals and discounts are available. And the earlier you book, the more likely you are to finding these offers.

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