Google Launches Free 411 Service

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Coke Oct 16, 2007
Get more details by SMS — Simply say "text message" and GOOG-411 will send you a text message with more information and a link to a map of the business you've selected, free.
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DanielColbert Apr 14, 2007
Pick Me ....Pick Me .....
LeBlog Apr 10, 2007
ok while this is a great service, everyone should read this before using. from consumerist
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wilsonshi Apr 09, 2007
doomspace Apr 08, 2007
This is awesome! WoO HoO to Google! I just tried the other free 411 (800-free-411) and it sucked so bad now. I am glad I came across this today. Thanks Vin Diesel for posting!
ducky22 Apr 07, 2007
you can also get addreess & phone number to any restaurant if you text the name of the restaurant (& city ) to 46645.
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themoneyman1113 Apr 07, 2007
That's totally awesome just tried it. I think i'm going to add this to my cell phone contacts. Does anyone know if they track where the call originates from? Just curious if they know this stuff. Cool service hope it catches on.
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acidxwarp Apr 07, 2007
It wont matter as soon as it becomes popular enough the wireless companies will probably block it.
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LeBlog Apr 07, 2007
this is really cool. and the non 50's robot actually understand you. solid work google
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Addicted2Curry Apr 07, 2007
This is yet another incredible service that the behemoth google has to offer. I admit, I was a bit skeptical at first when I used it, but it has far surpassed my expectations. The voice recognition is just simply amazing and it could pick up any thing I could say and then gave me a detailed address on each store I requested. And on a side note, the new voice is very refreshing =).
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pmalie Apr 07, 2007
Just tried it. What a great system. Plus, the voice recognition sounds like a person and not a the typical 1950s robot!
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bigfreeze11 Apr 07, 2007
All hail Google!
artsal Apr 07, 2007
redzone Apr 07, 2007
After Youtube gets sued and their stock drops a few dollars then you should buy stock. ;D
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sangkim36 Apr 06, 2007
Google try to so hard to keep their regacy moving.... Glad to have a free 411 service.
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Sexxxy Apr 06, 2007
moose Apr 06, 2007
Just one more step closer to Googles world domination
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Sexxxy Apr 06, 2007
Hahha! its true!
xichigox Apr 06, 2007
Great find Vin! This will definitely come in handy!
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Eve15 Apr 06, 2007
Oh my God I product tested that company before google acquired it last year! I had to call a few businesses a certain week to improve the automated system and provide feedback.

It definitely has improved and the results are simply amazing! You not only get directions, address, and phone number through an automated system over the phone but you can have it texted to you for future reference.

The service is a lot faster and more accurate now. Glad they worked out the few kinks. This number is a must-have on everyone's speed dial!
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koolio852 Apr 06, 2007
i love google
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