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Updated December 23rd, 2014
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worked for me. this coupon gave me the biggest discount, but it depends on your rental details (when you're leaving, how long renting etc.)
Posted by coupon_code Sep 02, 2014
Posted by borbon2 Jul 18, 2014
these are there best official coupon offers. they change them every month or so. good place to find new codes
Posted by coupon_code Sep 02, 2014

Save Up to $15 on a Weekend Rental!

*When PC# 192872 is included in your reservation
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Expires: 01/01/15

this coupon worked for me last month
Posted by coupon_code Sep 02, 2014

Hertz Flash Sales (Sign-Up for Alerts)

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$10 Off from Your Rental (Min 2-Days, Age 50+)

Baby Boomers: 50+ Renters Enjoy $10 Off from Your Rental Min 2 days, Any Car Class Daily/Weekly/Weekend!
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Expires: 12/31/14


Up to 25% Off Car Rental Costs

Enter coupon in Discount/CDP/Club Code box
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$5 Off Weekend, $25 Off Weekly Rental

*Get $5 Off weekend day, $25 off weekly rental
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Get $5 Off Per Day + Up To $25 Off Your Weekly or Weekend Rental

Enter Code in "Promotional Code" Box and Use Code "13000" in "Discount/CDP/Club Code" Box
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Special Deals for 50+ Renters!

Now it's your time. Enjoy our great offers.
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Expires: 12/31/14


AAA Members Save An Extra 15%.

Valid on Economy - Fullsize vehicles. Daily, Weekend, Weekly and Monthly Rentals through March 31, 2014.

Click to see more AAA offers
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$25 Weekly or Weekend Rental for Baby Boomers

50+ Renters Can Save $5/day up to $25 Weekly or Weekend Rental!
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Expires: 12/31/14


FREE Upgrade Weekly and Weekend Rental for Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers: 50+ Renters Can Enjoy FREE Upgrade Weekly and Weekend Rental Economy to Full size!
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Expires: 12/31/14


Up to 40% Off Car Rentals

Save on your Hertz rental with this CDP code.
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Worked for me last week.
Posted by Anonymous Sep 19, 2014
I't is great to be in with hertz because they give execellent promos and with your help makes it even better so Thanks to both of You GOD BLESS!!! Jesus Saves AMEN...
Posted by djdaddy4444 Apr 22, 2014
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About Hertz

Hertz is one of the leading car rental companies in the world. Reserve a rental car from Hertz car rental or get a great rate online or over the phone. Whether you're on vacation, or just need a ride to or from the airport, Hertz is ready.

How to get Hertz Coupons

There are many ways to find and use Hertz rental coupons. You can use sites like DealsPlus, where users share offers, codes and special discounts. You can also check Hertz.com for any special offers currently available (see Hertz Discounts & Coupons page). Also, your company or other organizations that you're involved with (AAA Membership, etc.) may offer special discount programs with unique codes and rate plans to help you save.

Different Types of Hertz Coupons & Discounts

As we already mentioned, Hertz offer many different ways to save. When reserving a rental car online at Hertz.com, you'll notice many different boxes to enter coupon codes. Let's clear up what each one is and how to use them.

  1. Discount/CDP/Club Code:
    CDP (or counter discount program) is offered through a contract or program agreed upon between Hertz and a specific company or organization that offers special benefits or discounts to groups of people within that company or organization. Common examples of CDP codes include corporate rate plans and travel club discounts. Many times you'll find CDP codes on DealsPlus, which may or may not work in the end, since you may need to verify your credentials upon confirming your reservation.

  2. Promotion Coupon (PC):
    This is simply a 6 digit number that is associated with a special offer or promotion from Hertz. You'll usually find them on the Hertz Discount & Coupons page or possibly in emails or via social media. They usually apply automatically when you click through from these offer pages, but you can also find promo codes on DealsPlus on their own.

  3. Rate Code:
    This is typically used in conjunction with a CDP or Promotion Code as a way of providing additional information. It's typically a 4-6 digit code and can usually be found on special offer pages with the text "I was told to ask for", as a way of connecting certain people with special offers.

  4. Convention Number (CV):
    This is a much more private type of coupon discount code. It is only used in conjunction with a CDP or Rate Code but is specific to a pre-negotiated meeting or event with agreed upon discount rates or benefits.

  5. Voucher Code:
    Voucher codes can be found on reward documentation and the like. It is an alphanumeric code that begins with "IT" and is usually assigned to specific individuals as a one-time use offer.

How to Use Hertz Coupons, Codes & Discounts

OK, now that you know the difference between all the possible discounts, it's time to use them! You'll first enter your reservation details: pickup location, pickup and return dates, your age and optional "Car Type". Then check the box marked "Enter a Discount or Promo Code." Here you'll see the option to enter one or more codes, which were discussed above. Once entered, either book as a member or book as a guest to see if your discounts were applied. You'll usually see if it was applied on the left side of the screen, on the next page where you choose your preferred car and options. You can test to see if an offer worked by going back and removing it. If the prices increase then go back and apply the code again; looks like it worked!