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Updated March 31st, 2015
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@erasmonaranjo not sure. you can always go to the post office to do the change of address and make sure to pick Lowe's as a store you'd like discounts from
Posted by Acarone 5 days ago
@erasmonaranjo not sure. you can always go to the post office to do the change of address and make sure to pick Lowe's as a store you'd like discounts from
Posted by Acarone 5 days ago
@erasmonaranjo not sure. you can always go to the post office to do the change of address and make sure to pick Lowe's as a store you'd like discounts from
Posted by Acarone 5 days ago
how long I have to wait?
Posted by erasmonaranjo 5 days ago
I think it's at the post office in the change of address packet.
Posted by dnjg2001 12 days ago

Lowe's Coupon for 10% Off

Replace each "x" in the code below with random numbers and submit as the promotion code at Lowes.com. It may take a few attmepts, but you should see your discount eventually.
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11 Comments | Share8 days ago
470009281349084 just saved my $99.80! 3/31/14
Posted by jennyz 10h ago
saved $99.90 , this day and age every penny helps....THX
Posted by kenny111111 13h ago
saved 59 =)
Posted by insidenothing 4 days ago
470096789049089 worked for me today! 3/26/15. Saved $69.
Posted by Turnip 5 days ago
Thank you! It works! Saved 170$!
Posted by olnam1 5 days ago

$15 Off Your $50+ Purchase

Replace ALL "x"'s in the above code with random numbers. Then apply at Lowes.com to see your discount.
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17 Comments | Share12 days ago
Took 5 tries of random number but saved $15. Thank you so much.
Posted by clydeml 2h ago
Amazing. It saved me $15 !!!Thank you. Used randomly generated code 470003768946966
Posted by theoneaby 4h ago
It wasn't' working until I realized there's also an "x" at the end of the code that needs to be replaced by a random number. My first try after that worked. Saved 15 bucks on a $55 item.
Posted by howiebob 2 days ago
Posted by tr1plication 5 days ago
Posted by Chenderson7 5 days ago
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Extra 10% Off Appliances $396+, 20% Off Special Buys with Free Shipping & Haul-Away.

Prices shown reflect discount, however you can use a Home Depot online promo code to save even more.
Add to Cart for Final Price. Free Delivery & Haul Away.
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2 Comments | Share26 days ago by shimisi
You can have a $5 Off $50 coupon sent to your mobile phone through: http://www.dealsplus.com/rb2.php?cid=2387323
Posted by shimisi 12 days ago
Where is the online promo?
Posted by debbie042 18 days ago

$50 Off Your $250+ Purchase

Replace ALL "x"'s in the above code with random numbers. Then apply at Lowes.com to see your discount.
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24 Comments | Share12 days ago
YES! It worked, 1st try!!!
Posted by kajennings 8h ago
Worked on second try 3/31
Posted by queenjj 9h ago
I just used it on a dishwasher and it worked the first time. 3/29/15
Posted by Luv98vette 2 days ago
It worked on the first try. Used it on an area rug. 3/29/15
Posted by Kaylind60 2 days ago
I was skeptical but it worked on the first try! Saved $50 on a bbq, thank you!!!
Posted by sahinm 4 days ago

See All Current Lowes Coupons and Promotions

Get free items with purchase, 20% off select items, free shipping discounts and more.

See more deals and coupons:
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You need to sign up on Lowes.com and check your inbox @doyfoy
Posted by Anonymous 21 days ago
Where is $20 off
Posted by doyfoy 21 days ago
ok really.
Posted by mchefjohn 22 days ago
@NJLaura331 if you click on the Shop Now button, it takes you to Lowe's promotional page where all current offers are displayed. You can also see current deals at Lowe's found by our community of users here on DealsPlus (see links on the description box). What coupon were you looking for specifically?
Posted by monster1991 27 days ago
I still do not have a coupon, even after jumping thru the hoops
Posted by NJLaura331 27 days ago

10% Off Lowe's Coupons on Pinterest

Follow DealsPlus on Pinterest for top coupon codes and active printable coupons, as well as DIY and home improvement tips from Lowe's and around the web.
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8 Comments | ShareFeb 10, 2015
Posted by PiddleClodfelter 7 days ago
whatever to get a promo
Posted by PiddleClodfelter 7 days ago
Doubtful this will work!
Posted by MDPfeiffer 9 days ago
Thanks Lowes
Posted by Ttncs123 25 days ago
Posted by ych_2006 Feb 21, 2015

5% Off Everything Everyday

5% Off Everything Everyday w/ Your Lowe's Consumer Credit Card Purchase

  • No Interest if Paid in Full within 6 Months of purchase of $299 or more!
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    It's not a print offer @vernaba
    Posted by Anonymous Feb 16, 2015
    cant print it
    Posted by vernaba Feb 16, 2015
    this is a complete waist of time
    Posted by rosedubois Sep 06, 2014
    Worked for me. You can also just Text 'GGGO Lowes' to 37619 for an instant offer from Lowes. Works for other stores and product brands also so give it a shot.
    Posted by Anonymous Oct 12, 2011
    this offer is for ANYONE that has an HD card
    Posted by Anonymous Apr 05, 2011

    Up to 10% Off Lowe's Gift Cards

    Available at Raise.com and Cardpool.com. Availability and discount amounts may vary.
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    Wow! It worked!... Once I realized there was also an x at the end also!
    Posted by Glenbo Feb 11, 2015

    FREE Basic Carpet Installation

    Buy new STAINMASTER® carpet and pad
    $499 or more, and leave the rest to us.
    Offer ends 4/21/15.
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    Expires: 04/21/15

    Add Comment | ShareJan 26, 2015
    @vbrazier1 I see several coupons available.
    Posted by tr1plication Dec 12, 2014
    didn't work
    Posted by vbrazier1 Dec 12, 2014
    Didn't work
    Posted by mybosox1918 Nov 28, 2014
    @misejerry I see several coupons available.
    Posted by tr1plication Oct 10, 2014
    didn't work
    Posted by misejerry Oct 10, 2014
    @contejvmom worked for me. it's not an online coupon code. you text "join" to 656937 to get coupons from Lowe's whenever they offer them
    Posted by Acarone Jan 15, 2015
    exp, don,t work
    Posted by contejvmom Jan 15, 2015

    Lowes Weekly Ad Circular

    See Lowes weekly ad for all home improvement tools, gardening, appliances & more. Updated on Sundays.
    View Weekly Ad

    Over 5,700 Rebate Offers!

    Search over 5,700 rebates on products purchased at Lowes & Lowes.com
    Submit online or print and mail
    Search by Brand,Product or SKU #
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    I hope these are the ceiling fans I want
    Posted by Ramonarw Sep 26, 2014

    [Printable] See-It-Grow

    Saturday, April 11 (10:00 AM)
    Spring is here and it’s time to start gardening! Your child will love learning about plants and watching them grow with this great kit!
    View Coupon

    Expires: 04/11/15

    Add Comment | Share17 days ago by Nellysg
    1 Comment | Share9 days ago by smart_code
    Worked for me yesterday.
    Posted by Anonymous 14h ago
    1 Comment | Share15 days ago by ramana_forums
    3/27, no longer works. Says max # have already enrolled.
    Posted by sahinm 4 days ago

    10% Off $396+ Appliances + Free Shipping & Haul Away (HOME DEPOT OFFER)

    The Home Depot is offering 10% off appliance purchases of $396 or more with free shipping and haul-away. See more Home Depot offers.
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    261,354 Subscribers

    About Lowes

    Lowe's is one the largest home improvement chain stores in North America. With over 1,700 retail stores, Lowe's is second only to Home Depot as a major seller of building supplies, appliances, tools and other home improvement products. Their size allows them to offer very competitive prices and even an "Everyday Low Price" guarantee. Even with this low price guarantee, which matches and beats competitor prices by 10%, they still offer 20% off coupons and other online and printable savings. Read on for more details on saving money at Lowe's Home Improvement.

    The Truth About Lowes Coupons

    Lowe's offers both online coupon codes and printable coupons. We'll discuss in further detail how to get these offers, as well as how to use them below. Many of these offers are specific to a certain email address or physical address, or Lowes.com account, but there are plenty of general coupons for all to use and share.

    Lowes Online Coupons

    Lowes online promotion codes are usually available once a month and are typically valid for about a week, but this definitely varies. The most common online discounts are 10% off your order, and $10 off $50. Exclusions may apply when using these online codes, but for the most part, they work sitewide.

    How to Use Lowe's Online Coupons
    Here's how to use an online coupon for Lowe's:
    1. Add items to your cart from Lowes.com

    2. In your online cart, find the box labeled "Promotion Code"

    3. Enter your code and click "Apply Code" to see discount

    How to Get Lowe's Online Coupons
    Lowe's coupons are shared frequently here on DealsPlus by our community of deal and coupon hunters. If you subscribe to Lowe's coupon alerts on DealsPlus, we'll email you new coupons as they pop up on the site. You can also find promo codes for Lowe's by following them on social media, and also by signing up for their own exclusive email alerts. Again, these codes usually range from 10% to 20% off or $10 to $25 off your order.

    Lowes Printable Coupons

    Lowe's printable coupons are a little more exclusive and hard to come by then online coupons. They have similar discounts as lowes online promo codes, with the most sought after deal being the elusive 20% off coupon. There are a few ways to get these deals, which we'll discuss below.

    How to Get Lowe's Printable Coupons

    One of the most common and best ways to get Lowes printable or mobile coupons is to subscribe to their exclusive email alerts. You'll get a one-time 20% off coupon with every email address you use to sign-up. However, this is usually a one-time offer and can't be used very consistently. Another strategy is to go to your local post office. Yep, that's right, the post office. If you fill out a Change of Address form at the post office you'll have the option to receive special offers from different stores. Choose all stores just to be safe (nothing wrong with too many coupons right?) and within a week or so you'll have a nice 20% off coupon for Lowe's in the mail (see more details on The Lowe's Movers Program). If you're doing some major home improvement and have already used the methods mentioned above, you can also purchase Lowe's coupons on eBay. Just make sure you're paying less than what you're eventual discount will be. It seems strange to buy a coupon, but if you'll save $200 on a big purchase why not spend a few bucks on a coupon?

    More Lowe's Shopping Tips

    We mentioned it briefly, but make sure to take advantage of Lowe's "Everyday Low Prices". Does Lowe's price match competitors? Yes! If you bring in a competitor's ad showing a lower price, they match and beat the price by 10%. Plus, if a competitor is offering a percent off discount, they'll match the final net price of the offer.

    You should always keep an eye on Lowe's Weekly Ad, which not only includes the special offers for the week, but could also hold special coupon discounts. The funny thing about their weekly ads is that they technically don't last a whole week. They are released every Thursday and last until the following Monday. Go figure.

    Lowe's Mobile Apps are another great way to shop and save at Lowe's. Use the apps to browse weekly ads, shop online and even find products within your local store using the Product Locator feature. Get an aisle by aisle layout of a store with in-stock product information to make shopping in stores a breeze.