Excessive Posting vs Variety
Posted by tr1plication, Feb 26, 2013
Here and there, we tend to notice some excessive individual deal posts going around and we want to make sure that when users visit and browse through dealspl.us (especially on the fresh deals page)...
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6 Easy Steps for Using Pinterest With DealsPlus (Google Chrome Edition)
Posted by DealLeader, Feb 19, 2013
As the MMs will have noticed, the Pinterest sharing button is no longer available for their use.  The reasons?  No one has come forward to bring clarity.Fear not!There are always more ways to...
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Thoughts that make your head ache ... My State Tax Return Faux Pas ....?
Posted by omegafemale, Feb 13, 2013
I knew HRBlock was really great at getting one the biggest refund possible but I think they are trying just a bit too hard ........ btw, it was corrected during final error checking but it was nice...
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‎7 Dangerous acts after a meal!
Posted by praveensapkota, Feb 10, 2013
1. Don’t smoke: Experiments from experts proves that smoking a cigarette after meal is comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes.2. Don’t eat fruits immediately: Immediately eating fruits after meals...
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8 New Safety Recalls
Posted by xptrish, Jan 31, 2013
1. Natart Chelsea Dressers Recalled By Gemme Juvenile To Reduce Tip-Over Hazard; Death of Toddler Reported...
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To share widget it has to be your own blog / website? Can i share on facebook?
Posted by saramor, Jan 31, 2013
Protect your privacy from Facebook's newest feature
Posted by xptrish, Jan 30, 2013
GRAPH SEARCH: allows you to search for all sorts of new things on Facebook. Think of it like a little bit of Google, mixed with a review-site .It sounds harmless at first, but it could help strangers...
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Saving Money on Prescription Copays
Posted by LindaKNor, Jan 29, 2013
So, you have a copay of $25.00 or more per prescription. Those copays can really add up, especially if you take maintenance medication on a monthly basis. Before you know it, you are paying well over...
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Tips for a Successful Clothes Shopping Trip
Posted by LindaKNor, Jan 29, 2013
Unlike most women, I don't "love" clothes shopping. Sometimes, I am overwhelmed with the choices and often come home empty handed. Even more often, I have a specific item in mind and can't find it...
Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week February 7-14, 2013
Posted by Nellysg, Jan 28, 2013
Today begins Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week February 7-14, 2013.  Yesterday my son received his Proclamation for Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week from our Governor.  He's a very proud...
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Thoughts that make your head ache ... Blue Penguins ....?
Posted by omegafemale, Jan 20, 2013
Happy Penguin Appreciation Day - January 20!You may not give much thought to the noble penguin, but today we give serious consideration to our tuxedo-wearing friends who waddle around in the...
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Retail Therapy
Posted by LokaFreeThings2, Jan 17, 2013
Winter is Most Popular Season for Retail Therapy, Finds New Survey. You will not be alone if you have the winter blues this upcoming Monday. Coined Blue Monday,January 21st is considered to be the...
Congressional Testimony on Gun Control YOU MUST SEE THIS TESTIMONY!!!
Posted by newjerseychickxo, Jan 16, 2013
Congressional Testimony on Gun Control - YouTube
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20 Uses for Mayonnaise
Posted by Brentheriot, Jan 15, 2013
20 Uses for MayonnaiseSave money with mayo! Use this all-purpose kitchen staple for everything from beauty treatments to household cleaners.Get Gum Out of Hair.            Give Yourself a Mayo...
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Wal-Mart Plans to Hire Over 100,000 Veterans in the Next 5 years.
Posted by LokaFreeThings2, Jan 15, 2013
Wal-Mart has released a plan to hire any Veteran who has been "honorably discharged veteran within his or her first twelve months off active duty. ""Wal-Mart said in a statement that it had spoken...
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Thoughts that make your head ache ... Global Warming ....? (9)
Posted by omegafemale, Jan 03, 2013
Hahahhahaaaaa, ...... laughing is suppose to add time to one's life so here's some "free time!"
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How to pick comfortable shoes for yourself
Posted by lotuslove19, Dec 26, 2012
Shop at the end of the day (or if you are buying sneakers after a run) when your feet are swollen.Have both feet measured before buying ,foot size change as we grow .or as we gain or loose weight...
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How to make teeth white? Simple, Easy and Cheapest way.
Posted by praveensapkota, Dec 13, 2012
Are you fed up with your teeth turning yellow? I do sometimes, when i brush my teeth and I dont feel it clean enough. Now you should not feel ashamed to smile. There is one common chemical which we...
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Thoughts that make your head ache ... Never Give Up ....? (8)
Posted by omegafemale, Dec 13, 2012
.... there's always someone in a worse predicament .
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Funny Christams Story: How Sam Asked For A New Bike
Posted by zoneric, Dec 03, 2012
Since Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I share with you a funny story I read online. I know that not everyone likes these kinds of stories, but for those of you who appreciate a good...
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