Thermal Backed Iridescent Blackout Curtain Panel Pair

# Available in your choice of 63-inch and 84-inch lengths, set of 2
# Each panel is 52-inches wide
in seven colors
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What's the matter?
poe601 Mar 12, 2011
price drop
omegafemale Oct 23, 2010
back on! all 7 colors available and ships for a buk!
omegafemale Nov 30, 2010
now ships free! :P
FireFold Sep 08, 2010
That's an amazing price for a pair. I wish they all came in pairs instead of the expensive individuals.
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wise_e Sep 08, 2010
I may jump on these.

Am in the market, and just saw a "clearance" at Target for similar item @ $~20 for One panel.

However, I want the insulation for HEAT savings, so the "blocking sunlight" feature on the back of these (I'm assuming that mostly means that it's just white) is a bit counter-productive. Wouldn't I want them to have a darker backside rather than a brighter one? I WANT the Sun's heat energy to come in. They need to make them with some sort of zipper/velcro backside so you can swap to a bright back in the Summer and a Dark back in the Winter.
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silentnight_913 Sep 08, 2010
They prevent heat from escaping, so they still provide some heat savings. I'm not 100% sure, but even if the backside was a dark color, if your window is covered by curtains, wouldn't only the back of the curtains get heat from the sun?
omegafemale Sep 07, 2010
back on! 7 colors available!
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marynd Jun 12, 2009
These cost at least $40-$50 in any store that I've seen.
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