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How did dealspl.us lead to DealPulp.com?
Dealspl.us is a web community where shoppers can find and share the best deals and coupons. We make money through affiliate relationships with retailers. A lot of merchants included on dealspl.us were telling us, "We'd love to be featured more prominently." But dealspl.us is a user-generated site, so it limited our ability to specifically promote certain merchants.

At the same time, there was all this buzz about daily deal sites. But so many of them were offering only local deals. Launching DealPulp.com seemed like a logical next step in helping online merchants who were getting left out of the local daily deal space. And it was an opportunity for us to better feature the merchants who'd been asking for more visibility on dealspl.us.
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Eve15 Oct 19, 2012
Great article! Glad you got featured on Entrepreneur!
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glwrks Oct 19, 2012
News article is dated October 10, 2011. Last activity I found for dealpulp was Feb 22, 2012.
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glwrks Oct 19, 2012
Interesting read, though;)
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shopange08 Oct 19, 2012
Never heard of dealpulp until seeing this post--gonna have to check it out!
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bbattag Oct 18, 2012
lol. Damn I should've posted it here!
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krmills1 Oct 18, 2012
I was gonna post this too!! I thought it really made for an interesting read!
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encorez Oct 18, 2012
Thanks to bbattag for posting on my question post...
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