New iPhone 5 release date, news and rumours

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What's the matter?
newjerseychickxo Aug 24, 2012
Thanks everybody,I love learning about new phones out there too.
tpark6283 Aug 24, 2012
I can't wait to get the new iPhone!! Secretly crossing my fingers I'll win one first, and I love news too!! :-)
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bbattag Aug 24, 2012
Thanks. Good info. And seriously. Whats with the negative comments?! It was posted as NEWS!

IF you don't like it, skip over the new.
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seanvcxz Aug 24, 2012
I love when people post News stories. It makes it so I don't have to go all over the web to see what's going on in the world. I'm not sure why people get so angry about others posting news stories. Let the mods worry about it.
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vimalr Aug 24, 2012
The rumours keep coming. I hope the new one meets the everybodys expectations.
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mnvikings11 Aug 23, 2012
This site is for almost anything on the web, that's why there is a news section & it let's people know when & if they want to buy the newest phone.
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newjerseychickxo Aug 23, 2012
thank you encorez.
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encorez Aug 23, 2012
notabrain, if you don't like NEWS...don't read it.
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newjerseychickxo Aug 23, 2012
Its just news on a product.
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