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BigJJ Jun 09, 2008
This is a handy little drop by place just before you run out the door to do some shopping. Might just save yourself a buck or two for taking a gander around. Thanks!
chz1864 May 11, 2008
nice... thanks
dundidit Nov 04, 2007
akaricke Oct 07, 2007
CHIKILIN Aug 12, 2007
Cool, thanks bro!
DanielColbert Apr 15, 2007
A job well done...Thanks Deal Plus......
mike13 Apr 15, 2007
I love this, thanks
bskzone Apr 01, 2007
this post saves me a dollar every weekend :)
bossusa Mar 25, 2007
Awesome. Thanks for the information ! ! !

Love it ! ! !
papadiablo Mar 04, 2007
Circuit City $3.99 dvds include but not limited to (at least in So Cal):
Black Hawk Down
Chronicles of Riddick
The Devils Rejects
Enemy at the Gates
Friday Night Lights
A Knight's Tale
Once Upon A Time in Mexico
The Professional
The Punisher
and others
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satchmo Mar 04, 2007
Awesome. Thanks for the information.
vsleevslee Mar 04, 2007
Thanks DealsPlus!!!
Eve15 Feb 25, 2007
I only buy the Sunday paper for the weekly ads-thank you so much dealsplus team!!
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matwat22 Feb 19, 2007
great job!!!
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rrosemore Feb 17, 2007
Great job, y'all. Thanks!
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patriotshater121 Feb 11, 2007
This is great work!
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kmasterk100 Feb 11, 2007
thank you vin this a great idea
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bossusa Feb 11, 2007
THank you VIn, you are just doing better and better.

Cant complain...

Thank YOU
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bacontape Feb 10, 2007
that's a cool idea, nice job guys
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vectra5 Feb 04, 2007
great post! thanks
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lexx575 Feb 04, 2007
nice man
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klawrence92 Jan 28, 2007
wow this has everything in the sunday paper and other online stores that u dont get
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xichigox Jan 28, 2007
I love this, thanks Dealsplus!
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Addicted2Curry Dec 30, 2006
Thats bloody awesome! Nice one Dealspl.us!
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nikmash232 Dec 22, 2006
nicee well i already knew the circuitcity stuff bro works there
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Flaminfire Dec 17, 2006
Its great, im going shopping now, let me just figure out waht coupons to take.
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ujaas Dec 11, 2006
wow dealspl.us u guys are the best
no this is just amazing
thank you soooo much
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