Xbox 260 Platinum System

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What's the matter?
mushtipation Mar 08, 2007
sorry guys, just saw the deal, you guys are right, could be a scam

watch out.
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jschmelzel Mar 08, 2007
I sent him an email - he says you have to buy minimum of 3 at a time - but he would escrow - does not sound very promising to me - perhaps a scam
mikeisme77 Mar 08, 2007
The seller is an individual with no rating. Beware of scam...
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amgman Mar 08, 2007
It makes you wonder how they can sell a device over $100 under cost, stolen or used/refurbished?
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tbellucco Mar 08, 2007
It's an individual selling this!
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Mar 08, 2007
Is this legit? Why so cheap? Is it used or something?
mushtipation Mar 08, 2007
fix: xbox 360, not 260