Adult Cat Flip Top Gloves

97ยข shipping
Accessorize your fall outfits with this pair of adult cat flip-top gloves. Also, pick from the additional characters available.

Adult Cat Flip-Top Gloves:
Textured graphics
Cat "ears"
Flip-top style
Machine wash cold
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What's the matter?
helloamy1977 Feb 04, 2013
This is so cute. Adults need to have fun too
skaro964 Feb 04, 2013
You can't even buy the yarn for this price.
seanvcxz Feb 04, 2013
Adult huh? How about we save these for a really big kid or something. Maybe a crazy cat lady would love these!
THartz606 Feb 04, 2013
These are cute. I actually saw some for $5.00 in store the other day when I was at Walmart.
alecupope Feb 04, 2013
very cool. and fun too. nice one!
zoneric Feb 04, 2013
they look like a lot of fun. great find!
ancagavs Feb 04, 2013
these are very cute, I want a pair. so adorable :)
alecupope Feb 04, 2013
yup, very adorable. do they work as a gift for V day?
ancagavs Feb 05, 2013
I think they do, but maybe you should consider something like flowers and candy for Valentine's.
MrBklynW Feb 04, 2013
these are really cute. thanks for sharing=)
dvinegrace83 Feb 03, 2013
very cutesy. my son and his classmates would get a kick out of these!
blackfoot Feb 03, 2013
Funny looking gloves, I like them.
Christine Feb 03, 2013
awww how adorbale! really want one now!
hemalaa Feb 03, 2013
nice gloves for a very good price.
daisyflory Feb 03, 2013
good glove!
madicld889 Feb 03, 2013
Cute gloves, thank you.
tpark6283 Feb 03, 2013
Haha, so cute and my daughter would probably take these from me :)
rockinnrolla Feb 03, 2013
These are so cute ans such a great price!
natarajansaktive Feb 03, 2013
Looks very beautiful, Price is also reduced consigerably, Ideal for this Winter. Nice Find
shimisi Feb 03, 2013
Nice price for flip-top, adult size. Best thing about it is that there's a puppy one for dog people too :p
newguy Feb 03, 2013
This is a cute glove. My niece will love it.