Magic Hair Bun Sponge Maker

Size: Large
It's best result for long hair.
Material: Sponge with a flexible Aluminum wire inside
Light weight and easy to use!
Ship from USA( fast shipping)
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What's the matter?
dvinegrace83 Mar 06, 2013
Omg i remember my mom buying this thing for full price a couple decades ago! I think it was called 'hairdini'
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backspace Mar 06, 2013
I wish my hair was long enough to use this awesome thing...
Christine Mar 06, 2013
sounds like it's great ...i have a feeling i'm just nott gonna be able to do it right. but at this price, definitely worth a try!
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mikhaila Mar 06, 2013
oh my I totally remember this! this came out years ago! great deal
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nicole56 Mar 06, 2013
wow! i am getting this.
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poe601 Mar 06, 2013
Worth a try at this price and free shipping makes it awesome!
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branie Mar 06, 2013
Price is right even if this does not work for me, thanks :)
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rockinnrolla Mar 06, 2013
For $0.59 might as well pick one up! Nice find. :D
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MrBklynW Mar 06, 2013
hmm not bad. very nice find!
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iowahawkeyes Mar 05, 2013
.59c shipped?!?!! Someone explain to me how any profit is possible!
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blackfoot Mar 05, 2013
Simple hair accessory to make long hair look neat and stylish.
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helloamy1977 Mar 05, 2013
I have been wanting to try one of these. If it doesnt work not a big loss.
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glwrks Mar 05, 2013
Price drop - was $1.75
glwrks Mar 06, 2013
These are really cool. I had a similar one years ago. Very quick & easy to get out the door and not look like you left the house with wet hair. A bonus, was after removing in the evening I got soft curls to go out at night;)
arsiel Feb 04, 2013
Super price for something that could be fun! Reviews seem to be so so but it's definitely worth a try at this price.