SO Chenille Magic Gloves

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What's the matter?
saramor Jun 06, 2013
Kohls near me they are for $0.60 cents. I bought 4 of these today using bonus 15% of coupon.
ancagavs Apr 03, 2013
they look so soft & they are adorable. I like them. nice find.
nimase85 Apr 02, 2013
This seems like a great thing to add on to your order if you are shopping at kohls website... Thanks for sharing
blackfoot Apr 02, 2013
Soft looking gloves, price is great.
bbattag Apr 02, 2013
Cant beat that on a price of gloves from Kohls. Good deal
branie Apr 02, 2013
I just had a bad experience with this gloves in the color black, they got wet and then before I knew it they had fallen apart and the black was all over me! IDK what happened but it was quiet a mess, lol
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ukaran Apr 02, 2013
Only $0.96 Price is nothing for a pair of good Gloves. Nice find.
YesBoss Apr 02, 2013
Very Good Price And Comfortable Gloves. Thanks For Sharing .
shimisi Apr 02, 2013
Wow. These are almost free. They're not the most insulated kind, but sometimes these are exactly what you need.
lauchremi Apr 02, 2013
thanks! my daughter "stole" my pair. I can buy a new pair for myself now. :)
chuckydealpl Apr 02, 2013
picked up a few more for next winter
MrBklynW Apr 02, 2013
this is a great price, very nice find
shopange08 Apr 02, 2013
Will be stocking up for next winter with this awesome deal, thanks!
dropslike Apr 02, 2013
Really worth buying at this price for the collection. Are extraordinary.
naturaldeal Apr 01, 2013
Lowest price for me
tanush6 Apr 01, 2013
again..what is magic about these gloves? is it just a name or is there something i am missing>
lauchremi Apr 02, 2013
@tanush6 perhaps because they are thin yet very warm?
tanush6 Apr 02, 2013
@lauchremi Well that makes sense. When the gloves are thin you will never feel like you are wearing one
xrjohn Apr 01, 2013
Great price on the gloves. Should buy a few and save for later.
twilightlover Apr 01, 2013
I will be getting some of these for gifts. Thanks.
glwrks Apr 01, 2013
Awesome price...I'm starting to think out of the glovebox and using these as the base for homemade hand puppets with some googly eyes and felt I have lying around;)
WideAnglePhoto Apr 01, 2013
Definitely getting some of these for the gift box, as well as for myself! Thanks!
mikhaila Apr 01, 2013
nice gloves, looks nice and comfy
LindaKNor Apr 01, 2013
Awesome deal on the gloves. Time to stock up on gifts.
erick99 Mar 17, 2013
A very, very nice deal! This is a nice gift for the rest of the winter/spring or next Christmas.
chuckydealpl Mar 17, 2013
great deal, can't go wrong at this price
seanvcxz Mar 17, 2013
Great price for any type glove let alone a "magic" glove. I wonder what's so special about them.
lauchremi Apr 02, 2013
@seanvcxz perhaps because they are thin yet very warm?
poe601 Mar 17, 2013
Awesome price and great color selection, nice stocking stuffers for next Christmas!
FibroMom Mar 17, 2013
I agree with glwrks - perfect filler item or items to hit that $50 free shipping point! Such a great deals on these - putting some back for Stocking Stuffers for next Christmas! :)
glwrks Mar 17, 2013
Perfect filler to hit the $50 mark for the Free Shipping code!
iowahawkeyes Mar 16, 2013
OK this is a good enough deal to buy and save for next year! Great deal.
Dealprince Mar 16, 2013
looks very comfy and softy.
supercouponingmo Mar 16, 2013
Great sock up price! Thanks for posting.