One Man Wolf Pack "Hangover" Parody Mens T-Shirt

$7.97 $20.00

About this Deal

The lone wolf is a pack unto himself. Unless, of course, his sister’s fiancé turns out to be cool, and he brings along some other dudes. Then the one man pack becomes four wolves, running around the desert, looking for strippers. Howl sort of solo with this awesome “One Man Wolf Pack” tee!

The shirt immortalizes Alan’s toast speech from the hit movie The Hangover. It’s perfect for letting the ladies know that you walk alone, kind of. The light grey soft cotton tee features the lone wolf image in front of a setting sun, with black lettering.

Wear it to Vegas. Wear it to work. Wear it underneath a baby carrier. It’s a classic. Get your “One Man Wolf Pack” shirt right here, right now.
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