Eazmaker XY Cube Safe Stable High-precision 3D Printer | Gearbest

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Main Features
● Full sheet metal, stable structure, safe and high precision.
● 3.5-inch full-color touch screen, STM 32-bit motherboard processing speed is fast, relative operating speed is 5 - 10 percent faster.
● The heat dissipation double annular cooling reduces the drawing and the molding effect is better.
● Remote Titan extruder feeding, cold water hose, smoother discharge.
● The hotbed using three points leveling technology, pressure type automatically leveling.
● Linear guide ( X.Y axis ), smooth printing, better precision and speed.
● ( X.Y axis ) Silent motor drive.
● Power-off continue, filament run-out detection.
● The bottom plate is fully packaged to protect the power supply of the wiring board. At the same time, it bids farewell to the messy wiring. The main motor is designed to be sunken, the center of gravity is more stable, and the appearance is simple and generous.
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