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Election apps

1. Super PAC App | Free
Discover more about the presidential election ads on TV. The app identifies commercials from all political groups, including Super PACs, and the official campaigns.

2. 2012 Map: The Presidential Election App | $1.99
User can create, save, and share 2012 presidential election scenarios with this app that includes “Live” maps updated daily with the newest polling data and “Historical” maps that detail every election from 1789 through 2008.

3. Election 2012 Issues: Obama vs Romney In Their Own Words | Free
Answer arguments about candidate’s views with videos of them using their own words. This app is non-partisan and details both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s position.

4. Election Results 2012 | 99 cents
Real-time election results for GOP primaries, Senate, Governor, House races, and the Presidential elections in November 2012.

5. VoterHub | Free
This is a “non-partisan clearinghouse for information on the 2012 election season, and future elections, in all 50 states,” with options for checking voter registration status, registering to vote, finding local polling place, getting detailed information on each candidate, and aggregating the latest election news from The Associated Press, etc.

6. Campaign 2012 - Obama vs Romney US Presidential Election News | Free
A source of up-to-date information about the 2012 U.S. presidential election with continually updated news, opinions, and analysis from many news sources. No subscription fees, either.

7. Electoral Vote Polls | Free tracks the poll numbers for upcoming Senate, House, and Presidential elections. The site is popular, but now folks can now stay informed on the latest poll numbers on an iOS device.

8. 270toWin | Free
According to the app’s description on the App Store: “It takes 270 electoral votes to win the White House. Make your predictions by starting with one of our many library maps. With one touch you are on your way to deciding which states will go to the Republican party, which ones will go to the Democratic party and which ones are leaning, likely or undecided.” Maps will update on Nov. 6 as states are called.

9. Presidential Election Race 2012 | 99 cents
Follow the electoral vote scoreboard and state-by-state poll results, and monitor the swing states with alerts for new polls with the latest election news, a map of how each state is trending, the number of electoral votes for each state, and the history of each state’s voting record since 1940.

10. Settle It! PolitiFact's Argument Ender | Free
Resolve political disputes with this app that checks facts in campaign ads and tests users’ knowledge. Folks can also find fact-checks by searching name, keywords and subject, browse Truth-O-Meter ratings by person and subject, and share their findings by email, Facebook and Twitter.

News coverage apps

1. Election-2012 | Free
This news app features candidate interviews, fact checking, local voters guide, an electoral college map, and real-time news coverage.

2. You Decide 2012 Map | Free
This news app lets users predict the outcome of the 2012 presidential election by tracking the race to 270 electoral votes in conjunction with FOX News coverage.

3. NBC Politics | Free
This news app offers video, battleground map data, tip sheets, live election results, in-depth candidate profiles, and the ability to share articles to social networks.

4. NYTimes Election 2012 | Free
Get the latest polling numbers, state-by-state projections, candidate bios and live election results. Subscription details are available at the New York Time’s Elections Mobile app page.

Political games apps

1. VOTE!!! | Free
According to the game’s App Store description: “From the creators of the bestselling and award-winning Infinity Blade series, play as President Obama or Mitt Romney in a slapstick battle for the White House. Equip your candidate of choice with a variety of iconic American outfits, accessories, and items. Use your skills to unlock score boosters, win votes and rack up the top score as you campaign for victory.”

2. Bash the Vote | Free
This game has one simple rule: Bash the candidate you do not like.

3. Political Fury: Primary 2012 Edition | $1.99
While this also serves as a news coverage app, Political Fury also allows users to compete head-to-head online in Election-related trivia.


1. 2012 election results By Fox News
Pretty self explanatory—news website offers real-time results and news coverage in one place on the Web.

2. CNN’s 2012 Election Races and Results Hub
Pretty self explanatory—news website offers real-time results and news coverage in one place on the Web.

3. Google’s Politics & Elections Hub
Google aggregates specifics related to polling site locations and ballot summary details in an easy-to-navigate hub that also offers interactive information on the campaign, primary results, and voter info, as well as interesting trends and insights data.

4. YouTube Politics Hub
Select live streams, political analysis, and videos in one place from the best news resources and YouTube vloggers.

5. Electiongrams by NBC News
Electiongrams collects and displays photos from Instagram that use any of the #nbcpolitics, #decision2012, #decide2012, #democracyplaza, #vote, #vote2012, etc., hashtags.

6. The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal are allowing free access to their websites starting at 6 p.m. and 5 p.m., respectively, for election night only.

7. Your Fucking Polling Place
Just an awesome way to find a local voting site.
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