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Basher’s Presidents takes American History to a whole new level as best-selling illustrator Basher shows you the presidents as you’ve never seen them before.

In his science books, the quirky manga-style illustrations have wowed kids across America, now Basher’s incredible illustrations combine with eye-popping graphics, fascinating facts, and presidential secrets to make you a presidential know-it-all. Test your knowledge with the Presidential Challenge game – it’s a fun, hassle-free way to learn about the presidents – or use the App’s flash cards to find out more.

A truly enchanting experience, Basher’s Presidents will delight all the family. Suitable for kids from age 7 up.

Three great ways to learn:
★ Wish you knew more about the presidents? Flip through the pack of presidents and discover history at its most entertaining! Which president had the most children? Who was the shortest president? Which president reported seeing a UFO? Or get serious about history and find out which president eliminated the national debt in 1835, why the United States declared war on Spain in 1898, or who was president during the Great Depression.
★ Think you know your presidents? Take our presidential challenge!
★ Want to have your voice heard? Take part in the Basher Kids’ Vote and explore voting patterns at our website:

★ Additional features ★
• Hints that increase your knowledge as you play
• Timer function that lets you play against the clock and against your friends
• ‘Number Right First Time’ to challenge your accuracy!
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