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The most downloaded app Education category in France, Belgium Netherlands and Latvia! In the top 10 most downloaded apps in USA and 26 more countries.

✔ Featured in AppsGoneFree. Your daily free app resource.
✔ Effective speed reading for ebooks
✔ Supports reading progress saving and all features of a reader
✔ 2 reading modes including RSVP speed reading with adjustable number of words to display on the screen (not only 1 word per screen like in competing apps).

Learning how to read faster - sounds like a hard work, isn't it? What if you could train your reading skills while reading your favourite book or print article - wouldn't that be nice? This is what we have achieved with Fastr RSVP reader application. No matter, what's your reading skills are, we created a solution that works. You can now be training while reading your favorite books that are interesting and appealing to you. Fastr turns reading skills training into a fun and pleasant process and we welcome you to be part of it!

So you have 3 things combined together - freedom of choosing your favorite books for training, super efficient reading training mode and a convenient library and stats to monitor your progress!

Main features include:
- Adding DRM-free books in ePub format from the app
- Adding books and web articles from Fastr website
- Two ways of reading the book - classical reading and speed reading (using RSVP method), synchronisation and switch between them.
- Reading progress saving
- Text presentation in adjustable chunks from 1 word per screen to compact blocks up to 3 lines of text with up to 8 words in line
- Reading speed adjustment on the fly while reading the book.
- Table of Contents
- Reading statistics (time spent, time left and reading speed)
- Sharing on Facebook and Twitter (works with iOS6)
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