Google Maps for Apple iOS (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, more)

Download it. It can save your life.
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What's the matter?
jkbane Dec 14, 2012
SO glad this app finally made it over to iOS!!!
psplove Dec 14, 2012
But free always good to me. Thanks for posted!
Dexterous Dec 13, 2012
still i want to move to android, good sale here
psplove Dec 14, 2012
I agree with you. android is the best.
wdjdac Dec 13, 2012
Too bad I just canceled my iPhone plan and I am now moving to android.
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nandakumar Dec 13, 2012
I'm a wazer, waze has a cloud base maps .shows tebe the shortest with live traffic ... more features .. and its FREE.. but search is better in google maps ...
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hemalaa Dec 13, 2012
downloaded this for my Iphone 4. Very much impressed with what Google has put together for maps & voice navigation.
DealLeader Dec 13, 2012
Apple's Maps wasn't ready for prime time.
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audiocracy Dec 13, 2012
I use Waze. Much better than either of those.
arsiel Dec 13, 2012
Yay, downloaded it! I really didn't like the fact that the iPhone 5 came with Apple maps - I had some interesting adventures.
branie Dec 13, 2012
My nephew just told me about the google maps, although he forgot that I still have the iphone 4, oh well :)
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vimalr Dec 13, 2012
finally its here as a standalone app.
rd995 Dec 13, 2012
you can tell people was missing their google maps nice to see it back
ReturninVideoTps Dec 13, 2012
Nice, about time!
TXdealfinder Dec 13, 2012
Thank You, Google maps much better than Apple maps,
bossusa Dec 13, 2012
apple sucks with their overpriced gadgets.

go google, and android.

just got pain 30 cents for the comment :)
branie Dec 13, 2012
It is a shame you get thumbs down for complete honesty here. I respect your opinion bossusa :)Thumbs up for you..
chuckydealpl Dec 13, 2012
until apple gets their kinks out and a better app, google maps is #1
nimrodboy3 Dec 13, 2012
nice..thanks! i was trying to post this but i couldn't find it..then i realized it was because i was searching using my non-ios6 iPhone. thanks for the update!
shimisi Dec 13, 2012
Cool. Heard about this development in the news too. Google Maps is very easy to use; thank goodness there's Zoom.
zoneric Dec 13, 2012
Google Maps are the best. we always use them when traveling by car.
MrBklynW Dec 12, 2012
agree with the above comments. finally!
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mnvikings11 Dec 12, 2012
About damn time, Google maps are the best at finding the shortest routes.
wonderwoman1969 Dec 12, 2012
I have been an iPhone user for years. I don't want to say the Apple maps app sucks but I am use to Google Maps. I am happy to be able to have the Google maps app.
zoneric Dec 13, 2012
I understand what you're saying. Google Maps are better in my opinion too.
tpark6283 Dec 13, 2012
I can not get use to Apple Maps for anything!! Thanks to additc for posting!!