Instagram for Android (Now Available for Download)

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What's the matter?
StanO360 Apr 04, 2012
Prepare to be underwhelmed if you've already downloaded one of the many similar Android apps. Unless you really need to be part of the Instagram "community" there are better, more flexible camera apps, i.e. Pixlr-o-matic.
tc1uscg Apr 04, 2012
NOPE! I don't install apps that REQUIRE you to signup and agree to them being able to SPAM your phone. Read the "terms of agreement". Uninstalled. I'll stick with PhotoFunia. No personal info required.
StanO360 Apr 04, 2012
Yeah, that was lame, I almost didnt' install for that reason too. I just don't understand what the fuss is about. Not trying to be snotty, there are just a lot of apps just like it or better.
psplove Apr 04, 2012
Great apps. Thank You!
MrBklynW Apr 04, 2012
cool always love cool free apps. Thanks!
Dexterous Apr 03, 2012
i love this software. Love Instagram in apple and now in android. Creative photo editing here.
tekman2500 Apr 03, 2012
you don't need an iphone for instagram. you just need an iphone to have a good phone.
tc1uscg Apr 04, 2012
Thanks for the laugh.
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andytong Apr 03, 2012
nice, thanks
wdjdac Apr 03, 2012
I posted this: Instagram for Android coming soon, 'better than iPhone app'
And now to hear that it came true, it's good to know. Thanks.
newjerseychickxo Apr 03, 2012
I'm passing this one on to my girls. Thanks
iowahawkeyes Apr 03, 2012
sweet! instagram is awesome. Its great to have it on the android too! Soon enough the android market is going to beat out the apple app market!
additc Apr 03, 2012
but then, why did we have to sign up a week ago to download, if you can download anyway?
additc Apr 03, 2012
Christine Apr 03, 2012
yayayyyy downloading this right now! thanks for the heads up =)
branie Apr 03, 2012
Passing thus along to my sister and friend. They have been waiting so long!! Thanks for sharing!!
beatthis Apr 03, 2012
cute design.
unrealnighthawk Apr 03, 2012
Seems like it took forever for this to come out on android. I got tired of waiting, started using picplz and absolutely love it.
gangstabarbie Apr 03, 2012
I just got this for my iPhone 3 days ago! It's great!!
arsiel Apr 03, 2012
Looks like you don't need an iPhone for instagram anymore :P
jasoned Apr 03, 2012
Nope. And thank goodness. Why should iPhone users have all the fun? :)