Apple Earphones w/ Remote & Mic

$2.99 - Use code NEXTTIME5 at checkout for 5% off = $2.84 + $2 shipping

Or buy two (2) sets for a total of $7.68 shipped
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What's the matter?
cs378 Apr 13, 2011
Looks fake to me.

The wire near the plug says "China" only. Shouldn't Apple headphones say "Copyright by Apple Inc blah blah blah"

Correct me if I am wrong.
HuntersBambi Apr 13, 2011
In for two @$7.98. Thinking of going back for another set of 2. Great gift to have on hand! Thanks!
mrjeffrey Apr 13, 2011
Just ordered two, coupon doesn't work unless the total is $10 or more; excluding shipping. Hoping this is the real thing as if I was getting one from the Apple store and not some fakes.
MrBklynW Apr 13, 2011
oh code didn't work but the deal is still good!
MrBklynW Apr 13, 2011
I found their ebay page for this item. on the details it saids oem and manufactured by apple. I hope this helps anyone that is skeptical about the item but hey they could be lying and it is not oem but hey its cheap. i also read some rating comments of people buying it, no complains that i can find.
Timmie Apr 13, 2011
Can't argue the price for a(n arguably) nice backup set of 'buds. Thanks!
rondhi Apr 13, 2011
The "Nexttime5" coupon code only works for orders of at least $10. Just an FYI. I purchased two. Following the link doesn't work. Just go to and manually search for the apple headphones and add them to your cart and check out. I ordered two.
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sb3300 Apr 13, 2011
I hope these one's are good enough.. real or not real..
hagaih Apr 13, 2011
dead link
Kastelix Apr 13, 2011
here the direct link
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techgearnow Apr 13, 2011
coupoon not working for me when i try to buy two...
dnguyen96 Apr 13, 2011
Directions to get it.

Go to
Then type in Apple Headphones
See the 2.99 Headphones and click add to cart.
If you click on the headphone picture, the site will crash.
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Kastelix Apr 13, 2011
guys are you sure this is the original one i ordered 2 otherwise its wasting of money
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mike13 Apr 13, 2011
Is this a fake or generic?
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ramana_forums Apr 13, 2011
Not a fake. Real one
Plustastic Apr 13, 2011
added the fact that you can buy two. the site is very slow, must be getting a lot of traffic