Klipsch Image E1 Noise-isolating In-Ear Headphone

6/29 - back again

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What's the matter?
ilene285 Jun 30, 2013
This is such a great deal for these headphones. Just paying tax is awesome. I've heard very good things about this brand too!
xichigox Jun 17, 2013
Pretty good deal since they are free. Just fyi, purchase will come out to be $2.25 because of tax. Not bad still, especially if you have shoprunner for free 2 day shipping.
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HomeSavings Jun 18, 2013
@xichigox I have a set of Klipsch, they're pretty good. Free always sounds better though!
eclipse31601 Jun 17, 2013
bought these off amazon back when they were $60, one of there very few things I ever returned because I simply didn't like them. I bought them based on CNET.com giving it an outstanding review. They were horribly uncomfortable and didn't sound all that much better than my $15 Sony ear buds
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erick99 May 15, 2013
Klipsch is high end stuff so getting it for free is pretty amazing. Nice deal.
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chuckydealpl May 15, 2013
it's $19.99 now before rebate, still good deal
deby32953 May 04, 2013
Sorry I missed this! Super price!
jkbane May 01, 2013
This is a good brand. One of the better prices i have found
nthsll May 01, 2013
Great price for a Klipsch product, but check out the reviews. Not so good for these buds.
ilene285 May 01, 2013
Really great price for these Klipsch Headphones.
MrBklynW May 01, 2013
back again so fast. nice!
blackfoot Apr 30, 2013
Good price on some pretty decent headphones.
naturaldeal Apr 30, 2013
This will make me comfortable during travels
iowahawkeyes Apr 30, 2013
CHECK THE REVIEWS! I was ready to buy, and then I saw all the reviews. TERRIBLE!
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tanush6 Apr 30, 2013
the sound quality is exceptional and also the treble is good without hurting the ears
tanush6 Apr 30, 2013
the ear cups fits perfectly in our ears.
kevin07 Apr 30, 2013
great price!
Jazmine_ilene Apr 30, 2013
Crazy price drop on these earbuds lol. Very nice find =]
DealLeader Apr 30, 2013
Sweet deal! Great price and great find!
themoneyman1113 Apr 30, 2013
Good price and find, thanks for sharing :--)
YesBoss Apr 30, 2013
Very Good Price For Klipsch Noise-isolating In-Ear Headphone .
CubsFan34 Apr 22, 2013
Earphones break so easily these look well worth the money!
iowahawkeyes Mar 07, 2013
Holy cow! I used to think over 30 for these headphones was a good deal..
iowahawkeyes Apr 30, 2013
@iowahawkeyes well they seemed to have dropped the price again. Cheaper than skullcandy's, and yet still excellent earbuds.
DealLeader Mar 07, 2013
Sure seems like a nice price for a nice pair of earphones.
dealio23 Mar 07, 2013
Klipsch is a great brand for headphones. Nice find!
nimase85 Feb 27, 2013
This seems like a great price for a set of high quality headphone I will be sure to pass this deal on... Thanks for sharing
hemalaa Feb 27, 2013
nice in hear headphone. Normally the noise cancellation ones cost more.
Dexterous Feb 27, 2013
this looks like a good headphone, nice sale
bbattag Feb 27, 2013
Klipsch makes high quality audio products. Good deal
seanvcxz Feb 27, 2013
More than 50% off on headphones like these is a smoking deal. Everyone needs a good set of headphones too.
Gaylesheerin Feb 27, 2013
nice find, these are good ear headphone!
mikhaila Feb 27, 2013
are these actually any good
nthsll Feb 27, 2013
I'd pay $18 for anything Klipsch. Thanks for the post.
bbattag Feb 27, 2013
Agreed. Great brand
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additc Feb 27, 2013
do they have volume controls?
natarajansaktive Feb 27, 2013
Great price drop. Nice find.
DealFinder86 Feb 27, 2013
i paid oer $30 for these. i'd recommend them at this price for sure
jkbane Mar 07, 2013
The quality is good?
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DealFinder86 Mar 09, 2013
great quality, nice bass. pluss most don't fit my ears, so its always a gamble, but these worked out.