RCA ant1050 HD Amtenna

What's the matter?

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erick99 (L5)
Oct 03, 2012
HD antennae are a scam. It doesn't matter if the end result is HD or some other digital or analog result, when it goes through the air it is simply a modulated electromagnetic wave and the metal in an antenna can't tell the difference between a wave modulated with a digital signal vs an analog signal. I've had friends buy such antennae and return them pretty quickly. If you live more than about 20 miles or so from a TV station this antenna will be fairly useless. Sorry, YesBoss, not trying to be mean or anything. I've been an amateur radio operator & electronics hobbyist for a long time so I get upset with marketing depts trying to make people believe that an antenna has any idea what is going on in a moving wave lol

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