ViewSonic 6-Inch PortraitView Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame

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Color: White | Style: Without Music
6-Inch Ultra Slim PortraitView digital photo frame, white color
Ultra high resolution 480 X 800 for crisp and sharp photo quality
LED backlight for energy saving
Ultra Slim (6.5mm) and thin edge (9.3mm) ID design
Calendar and clock feature
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What's the matter?
helloamy1977 Jan 18, 2013
This is perfect for anyone to put on their desk and it has a calendar and clock feature.
dealio23 Jan 18, 2013
This is a great deal on a digital photo frame! Nice find
MrBklynW Jan 17, 2013
very nice, that is a great price. awesome find!
blackfoot Jan 17, 2013
Real good price also makes a great gift idea.
praveensapkota Jan 17, 2013
I have no idea about this stuff, looks good
EzzyLovesToSave Jan 17, 2013
Do you guarantee that I'll look as young as the girl in the picture....if I add one of my photos?:)
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FibroMom Jan 17, 2013
Honey - you look BETTER than that girl in the picture - like a fine wine - you have aged well! :) Me, however - I aged like cheese and got moldy! ;) LOL!
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seanvcxz Jan 17, 2013
I got one of these for Christmas this year for my office. I love it! It's a great way to have a bunch of pictures instead of just one all the time.
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shimisi Jan 17, 2013
Awesome find! The black is not bad either, at $19.99. Hurry, before Amazon takes it away.
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MrBklynW Jan 08, 2013
wow that is an amazing price. very nice find.
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nimase85 Jan 08, 2013
This is a great price for a digital photo frame I have never seen one that is in portrait that is interesting I will defiantly pass it on.. Thanks for sharing
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firelizard Jan 17, 2013
hi could you do me a favor,i'd like to post a great deal but i dont have enough rep,could you post it for me? i would really appreciate that!
akaricke Jan 08, 2013
Great price for a digital photo frame.
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EzzyLovesToSave Jan 08, 2013
YAY!...More pictures of the grandkids:)
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praveensapkota Jan 08, 2013
nice price for the photo frame, good sale
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aoobuu Jan 08, 2013
The price is nice. Thanks for taking time to share this deal.
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bbattag Jan 08, 2013
I remember buying my parents on of these like 4 years ago and it was expensive then. lol. Now they are cheap as could be. Funny how technology changes
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glwrks Jan 08, 2013
Also sending the recommended SDHC Flash Memory Card to the kids with a demand for pictures!;)
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DealLeader Jan 08, 2013
Sure seems like a fantastic price.
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YesBoss Jan 08, 2013
Nice Find, Its Very Good Price For 6" Photo Frame .
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solowkoe Jan 08, 2013
very good price. I rarely see these for less then $20. nice find
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MdavidK30 Jan 08, 2013
Seems like you found the cheapest deal!
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FibroMom Jan 08, 2013
I try. :)