Speck Rubberized Protective iPod Nano iGuy Case, Fits 4G, 20, 30, 40 Gig Photo (4th Gen)

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The iGuy is the first bendable, posable friend for you and your iPod. Not only is iGuy fun, he's fully functional - offering great rubberized protection, docking capability, and screen protection for your 4G and Photo iPods. USAGE: Insert iPod thru iGuy's docking flap. Pull flap around bottom of iPod nano. Insert screen protector and headphones. Bend iGuy's arms to desired position. Have fun with your iGuy!


Cool toy and protective case in one
Bendable, poseable arms and durable screen protector
Headphones plug in thru foot
Dockable- 'sits' and hangs out while your iPod charges and synchs up
Designed to fit 4G and Photo iPods (20, 30, 40, 60 gig)
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