30¢ Off Per Gallon Gas with the Kmart Gas Program

7/28 - back again

Shop Your Way Members
Spend $50 or more and get a coupon for $0.30 off per gallon redeemable at BP or your local Speedway

*Offer valid in participating stores only. Void where prohibited by law. Purchase requirement is before taxes and after other discounts. Members get a coupon to redeem at your local Speedway or BP. Excludes non-merchandise, concessions, federal or state regulated items, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, fuel, prior and partial-paid special-order items, items behind the pharmacy counter, prescriptions and prior purchases. Offer not valid on online purchases. Exclusions and conditions apply. See coupon for details. Members earn points on qualifying purchases, excluding sales taxes and other fees. Subject to full program terms available at shopyourway.com

BP: 20-gallon maximum purchase. Get a Pin code to redeem at your local BP. Pin code provided on coupon obtained at Kmart must be entered inside station prior to fill-up. Coupon can only be used for a single fill. If less than 20 gallons purchased, there is no residual discount on next purchase.

Speedway: Must be a Speedway Rewards Member. Speedway card must be scanned inside station with the coupon prior to fill-up. Coupon can only be used for a single fill-up, with a 15-gallon maximum purchase. If less than 15 gallons purchased, there is no residual discount on next purchase.
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What's the matter?
tpark6283 May 16, 2013
That is an awesome deal, especially with gas prices back up this week...thanks!
Indalecsio May 16, 2013
Gonna check it out, especially with gas prices these days.
rockinnrolla May 16, 2013
Great deal! Thanks for sharing. ;)
kennyminot May 16, 2013
For perspective . . .

My tank takes about 10 gallons, so a $.30/gallon discount amounts to about $3. In other words, this deal amounts to $3 off $50. If you drove a trunk and had a 20 gallon tank, I have two observations: (1) Why the hell do you have a truck? (2) Still, that just amounts to $6 off $50. Not too shabby, but certainly not a deal worth making a special trip to K-mart. So my advice to everyone is to be wise and only use the deal if you were already planning on shopping at Kmart, perhaps to get some furniture or to snag another deal.
blackfoot May 15, 2013
Any savings on gas is a good thing, Thanks.
backspace May 15, 2013
Sound like a good discount..but is it only for one time fill?
shimisi May 15, 2013
Thanks for the heads up. 20 cents/gallon is already a pretty good discount, so this is even better.
THartz606 May 15, 2013
Any amount off is great to save when getting gas. Thanks for the post.
kevin07 May 15, 2013
this is great! thanks
YesBoss May 15, 2013
Deal Is Back This Week, Cool. Thanks For Updating .
littlexu May 15, 2013
Great deal to save $0.30 on a gallon of gas. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
WideAnglePhoto May 15, 2013
Wow, ANY savings on gas is a deal that can't be passed up!! And with the stackable savings, will be doing this for sure! Will check also into whether or not this counts with Sears purchases as well. Sweet deal, thanks for sharing!!
branie May 15, 2013
Just commented on this, someone else posted it. Good offer, even though I don't shop at Kmart often so this maybe a one shot deal for me. Is this just for Kmart purchases or can your Sears purchase be included?
poe601 May 15, 2013
Awesome deal, will have to remember this we all can use a break at the pumps!
MrBklynW Apr 09, 2013
hmm interesting deal. nice find
backspace Apr 08, 2013
Dont have a BP close by but sounds like a deal.
YesBoss Apr 08, 2013
This IS Very Good Deal On Saving Gas, Thanks For Sharing The Post.
rd995 Apr 08, 2013
interesting i dont think we have speedway around so my guess my local kmart will be doing bp and the max is 20 gal that good enough thanks for sharing
chuckydealpl Apr 08, 2013
nice offer, have to check to see if its offered at my nearest kmart
thrawn19 Apr 08, 2013
These stack, so if you have 3 you can get $0.90 off per gallon.

Also keep an eye out at the checkouts; a lot of people don't want to be bothered so may just leave them lying around. You can also ask the cashiers if they have any that people didn't want to take.
YesBoss Apr 08, 2013
@thrawn19 Interesting On Stacking Coupons, Let Me Check In-store Options.
xptrish Apr 09, 2013
@thrawn19 that's a good idea,I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen discarded receipts laying around,for $0.30 off a gallon it's worth it to pick them up and look!