Oil Change Kit at Advance Auto Parts

5/15 - Back again!

Price will be $5.00 when you add to cart.

*Free ship with store pick up

  • Scott Shop Towels
  • Gojo Hand Cleaner
  • 7qt Drain Pan
  • Funnel
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What's the matter?
lilywow May 18, 2013
This is an incredible deal. I will forward
poe601 May 17, 2013
Great deal it's like 50% off on a nice kit.
lauchremi May 17, 2013
Worth it for the gojo! :)
rd995 May 17, 2013
i got one of this kit last time and its well worth the 5 dollars no complaints
supermawmaw4 Mar 29, 2013
wow great price for oil change kit
poe601 Mar 29, 2013
Great deal for those who change their own oil. Nice gift idea paired with some car wash gift certificates.
alecupope Mar 22, 2013
I don't really know much about cars. so, don't know how to change the oil.
zoneric Mar 22, 2013
I don't know how to change the oil. I guess it's time for me to learn.
DealLeader Mar 22, 2013
Nice little price for an oil change kit!
ancagavs Mar 22, 2013
we do not have a car, but will pass it along to those who own one. it's good to learn to change the oil yourself, rather than going to a service every time.
dealwagger Mar 22, 2013
That orange soap works really well, hubby always uses that to get the car grease off!
mnvikings11 Mar 22, 2013
I wish we had this auto parts store in our area, great deal.
hemalaa Mar 21, 2013
nice self service kit. Would be handy one.
shimisi Mar 21, 2013
5 bucks for the entire kit! Can't pass that up. There's often one of these around too.
tpark6283 Mar 21, 2013
What an awesome deal this is, great find!
zacharyzblewski Mar 21, 2013
Gotta love when this gets knocked down to $5.
seanvcxz Mar 21, 2013
I used to change my own oil all the time a few years ago. It's just too easy now to drive in and get it done in 15 minutes.
mikhaila Mar 21, 2013
the original price was actually good, the deal price is even better.
akaricke Mar 21, 2013
Got this last time. This is a good deal. Dont forget to choose in store pickup for free shipping.
additc Mar 21, 2013
darn this store, none near i live
dealio23 Mar 21, 2013
Great kit for saving money on doing your own oil changes. Thanks!
YesBoss Mar 21, 2013
Nice find, Its Very Good Price For Oil Change Kit .
Dexterous Mar 21, 2013
so this is updated with price drops? Great
boricua1 Mar 21, 2013
this I need..gonna be changing my oil real soon
newjerseychickxo Feb 06, 2013
It's always a good thing to have this. And this price is a great one. Thanks.
dvinegrace83 Feb 05, 2013
Great deal for that whole set! Looks like you get some pretty decent stuff too!
mikhaila Feb 05, 2013
this would totally come in handy such a great price.
nimase85 Feb 05, 2013
This could be super handy i will defiantly pass this along to my father... Thanks for sharing
akaricke Feb 05, 2013
Choose in store pick up for free shipping.
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Dexterous Feb 05, 2013
This is good and useful kit to have
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jeepeo Feb 05, 2013
Thanks for taking time to share this particular deal.
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zacharyzblewski Feb 05, 2013
Why not? Everything in this can be used for all kinds of DIY projects.
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mnvikings11 Feb 05, 2013
I need 1 of these, the price of oil is just outrageous.
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gangstabarbie Feb 05, 2013
Fabulous idea for do it yourself at home method
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tekman2500 Feb 05, 2013
That sucks that there are no stores in CA
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blackfoot Feb 05, 2013
Good price for those who can handle doing their own oil changes.
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tpark6283 Feb 05, 2013
I will be heading up by ours tomorrow, definitely picking this up for the mr
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lilywow Feb 05, 2013
Great deal. I believe the pan alone cost more than $5
lofure Feb 05, 2013
Agree with you.
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Durr21 Feb 05, 2013
as a person that works on cars i know this is an awesome deal thanks
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FibroMom Feb 05, 2013
I'm going t make this into an Easter Basket for my son - filled with car goodies for his 2nd new (old) car in 6 months! ;) Thanks - great deal. :)
glwrks Feb 05, 2013
Thinking the same thing for younger son...recent 1st new-used car. Oldest son will have to pick up at a store near him, but I'm sure there will be a visit before Easter to save shipping;)
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Acarone Feb 05, 2013
i'm not able to ship it to home and there's nothing available in my area for pickup, anyone else out of luck on this one?
dealio23 Feb 05, 2013
I'm also not able to find this in my area. :(
rd995 Feb 05, 2013
all this for $5 i have to check it out thanks for sharing
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THartz606 Feb 05, 2013
Great timing considering my oil needs to be changed soon. I'll grab it and store it until then. THanks for the post.
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branie Feb 05, 2013
I would like to be able to change my own oil but I just don't see this happening, lol. I will forward this to my brother he often changes his own oil.
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chuckydealpl Feb 05, 2013
for anyone doing their own oil change, this is not a bad deal
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boricua1 Feb 05, 2013
I just learned how to change my own oil so this would come in handy
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rockinnrolla Feb 05, 2013
This could come in handy and it is one super price! Nice find!
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