Electric One Person Car (Highway Legal) 14 colors

This electric, highway-legal, three-wheeled, single passenger vehicle combines the functionality of an electric car with the maneuverability and scale of a motorcycle. With a range of 30 miles per charge, it operates with zero emissions and uses less than half the energy of todays most efficient hybrid vehicles. It has double A-arm front suspension with rack and pinion steering, and single-sided swing-arm rear suspension, resulting in an extremely stable and agile travel platform with a low center of gravity. The vehicle is powered by a 156-volt DC electric motor that generates 33-horsepower, providing a top speed of 70 mph, and allowing it to accelerate from 0-30 mph in 3 1/2 seconds and 0-60 mph in 12 1/2 seconds. It recharges by plugging into a standard 110-volt, 20-amp outlet; a full charge takes 6 hours, and the 13 12-volt rechargeable batteries lifespan is 2-4 years (220-volt service results in a 1 hour charge time). The lightweight chassis is constructed of a three-layered, advanced fiberglass/rigid foam composite shell augmented by steel support members sandwiched between the layers, providing a strong frame. A single headlight engages when the transporter is turned on; a high-mounted taillight is flanked by turn signals. A 6' cu. storage area behind the drivers seat can accommodate a full grocery cart. With adjustable seat, AM/FM CD-player, retractable three-point safety belt, power windows, windshield wiper, air vent, heater, and hydraulic shocks. Available in Red, Teal, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Magenta, White, Coral, Dark Aqua, Green, Lime Green, Lilac and Aqua. 57" H x 52" W x 112" L x 61" Wheel base. (1,600 lbs.)
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What's the matter?
omegafemale Feb 04, 2012
Final argument - tax deductible! :)
snypin04 Feb 03, 2012
this car reminds me of something in a dr. seuss book
audiocracy Feb 03, 2012
I bought 13. One for each of my puppies! Thanks!
mistormike Feb 03, 2012
what a deal! i bought two.
nimase85 Feb 03, 2012
So cool lol luv it :)
themoneyman1113 Feb 03, 2012
I have heard and read about these cars, very cool looking :)! Not very family friendly, but for some people it would be perfect.
akaricke Feb 03, 2012
Looks like something the Oscar Meyer truck had :D
additc Feb 03, 2012
It looks like a nose
solowkoe Feb 03, 2012
hahaha, so funny. I would get made fun of no matter where I went if I drove one of these. lol. But in all honesty, it s cool. just looks a bit funny to me.
Christine Feb 03, 2012
this car is absolutely adorable! ....i dont know how safe i'd feel driving it though..
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omegafemale Feb 03, 2012
i've seen a few of these in my neighborhood - they've replaced the old, rickety golf carts (which are NOT street legal) :)
Christine Feb 03, 2012
hhahah okk i can see them replacing golf carts!!! hehehheh they also seem safer than motorcycles =)
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omegafemale Feb 03, 2012
(nod) ALOT dryer than a motorcycle and soooooo many pretty colors, too :P
Christine Feb 03, 2012
Hahahah yesss pretty colours =)