Joe Traveller Heated Stainless Steel Mug

Joe Traveller Heated Stainless Steel Mug
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littlexu Mar 09, 2013
I really want to get this convenient heating mug. Too bad it is expired.
tpark6283 Mar 08, 2013
This would be a great gift for my coworkers! Nice find
THartz606 Mar 08, 2013
This would be great to have. Especially when I have to be in the car for a long period and my hot drink goes cold. Thanks for the post.
Mawhen Mar 07, 2013
This would make great Christmas gifts! At this price, I need to get several to stow away for Christmas.
backspace Mar 07, 2013
Great for this winter.;
zacharyzblewski Mar 07, 2013
At $7 shipped, I think I'm going to buy 2 right away.
dealio23 Mar 07, 2013
Pretty neat item for the car. I'm not a coffee drinker so I'd probably use this for hot chocolate. Yumm... Nice find
dvinegrace83 Mar 07, 2013
This wwould come in veryhandy for warming up baby bottles, hot beverages and instant soups on the go.
Dexterous Mar 07, 2013
not bad for the price, last month i got these for 6 bucks from walgreens
seanvcxz Mar 07, 2013
These are perfect for freezing cold climates like the one I live in. No matter how good of a mug you have your coffee will still get cold!
shimisi Mar 07, 2013
These are so convenient. Saves you money by not having to buy your hot drinks on the road.
hemalaa Mar 07, 2013
nice coffee mug for the price with the car charger.
branie Mar 07, 2013
$4 is a perfect price, good find. Thanks for sharing.
FibroMom Mar 07, 2013
These are AWESOME to use in the car to keep your coffee hot! Grabbing a few for gifts! Thanks - super price! :)
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rd995 Mar 07, 2013
good price on this mug keeps your drinks warm in the car
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rockinnrolla Mar 07, 2013
My hubby would LOVE one of these coffee cups! Good price. :D
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poe601 Mar 07, 2013
I use mine everyday and it works great, good price here.
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iowahawkeyes Mar 06, 2013
This is a good deal! I had a mug that plugged in like this, but the cap was rubber so it fell off if I spilled causing hot coffee to skill all over me. Lol
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