The Lean Mean Green Machine

This is the 9' three-wheeled motorcycle inspired by the Green Machine, the classic big-wheeled pedaled tricycle from the 1970s. Its proportion, color scheme, and striking 45" diameter front wheel--the world's largest--are so convincing, it compelled the toy's 1975 designer to see the motorcycle for a side-by-side comparison with the original toy.

At its heart rumbles an air-cooled, 80" cu. Harley-Davidson v-twin Evo--hailed by some as the engine that saved the iconic company--providing 60 horsepower for speeds up to 50 mph.

The front wheel is driven by a chain housed in a protective cowling that replicates the toy's frame and, like its predecessor, the cycle is steered by two handheld push/pull levers that control the two rear wheels via a directional linkage. The hand levers include brakes while a foot lever controls its manual 6-speed transmission. Its 8 1/2-gallon fuel tank is built into the frame, hidden from view, providing a range of 400 miles. 9' L x 4 1/2' W x 45" H. (450 lbs.) Order by November 15 for Christmas delivery.
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What's the matter?
fxeditor Oct 31, 2011
Why is this $20,000 more than the Lightcycle?
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jmucha1202 Oct 19, 2011
I think it rocks. Like something American Chopper would create. :p
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eclipse31601 Oct 19, 2011
Is this free shipping?
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audiocracy Oct 18, 2011
Chump change. I think I'll give these out as party favors for my dog's birthday party.
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omegafemale Oct 18, 2011
i posted this for fun - like the Light-Cycle
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wannabecool Oct 18, 2011
Whoever thinks this is a deal can you buy it for me?
thisismable Oct 18, 2011
The product is good.But the price ...