Hello Kitty | Toddler Sofa, Chair and Ottoman Set

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nimase85 Feb 27, 2013
This seems like a great price for a cute chair and ottoman set... Thanks for sharing I will pass this deal along
Dexterous Feb 27, 2013
save 10 bucks and have fun with kids
Dealprince Feb 27, 2013
omg.that is cute.now i wonder what will be next on their line of sale
Christine Feb 27, 2013
oh my gosh this is just too cute! i love this set!!! it would probably look out of place in my room..hmmm...where can i find a little girl to get this for...and then use!
supergril Feb 27, 2013
so cute .I would to buy one
Brentheriot Feb 27, 2013
I agree with @additc on this one. I agree that it's a cute, but honestly I've seen these sets in this price range lots of times. (Mainly on amazon & overstock.com)
YesBoss Feb 27, 2013
They Are Very Cute Hello Kitty Sofa Set . Kids Will Love This Set.
additc Feb 27, 2013
or even a frontpage deal imo
additc Feb 27, 2013
the $10 price drop doenst make it must-buy deal.
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natarajansaktive Feb 27, 2013
So cute. I would like to buy one. Nice find.
deal Feb 27, 2013
Wow this is simply adorable and at a fantastic price. Incredible find . :)
ilene285 Feb 27, 2013
This is such a cute sofa and chair set. Great price too.
rockinnrolla Feb 27, 2013
This set is way too cute! Perfect for a playroom! :D
blackfoot Feb 27, 2013
Cute kids furniture set, good price.
branie Feb 27, 2013
This set has some good reviews. Would make a kids playroom so bright and cheery, nice find :)
dvinegrace83 Feb 27, 2013
omg that is freakin cute! kiddie furniture doesn't usually look THAT good! lol
Christine Feb 27, 2013
ahhah RIGHT!!? i loveee this
dvinegrace83 Feb 28, 2013
if it were just a taaad bigger i'd use it for myself! shooTt!! LOL!
alecupope Feb 27, 2013
kids will surely feel important if they had this.
supercouponingmo Feb 26, 2013
How adorable! My granddaughter would go crazy over this!
mikhaila Feb 26, 2013
this is so cute. thanks for sharing
LokaFreeThings2 Feb 26, 2013
How adorable! Good price too!
tpark6283 Feb 26, 2013
What a super cute set, love the little ottoman...nice price considering the chair alone can be expensive