Miele Toy Kitchen Deal

Over 34 inches high and can be played with on 2 sides. It has electronic cooking sounds and comes with drop down oven door, pots and pans, utensils, salt and pepper shakers, plates and more.

2 AAA batteries needed, not included
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What's the matter?
LindaKNor Apr 02, 2013
Still available
alecupope Jan 30, 2013
every little girl would love one of these. great deal. 50% off...
zoneric Jan 30, 2013
excellent find. my nieces would love this.
ukaran Jan 30, 2013
Ideal Gift to my Grand Daughter. Thanks for sharing
zoneric Jan 30, 2013
she will surely love this if you buy it for her.
ancagavs Jan 30, 2013
great set. I'm sure girls would love this. perfect as a gift too.
zoneric Jan 30, 2013
it's perfect as a gift. too early to think about Christmas though, right? :D
dvinegrace83 Jan 29, 2013
Ive seen a lot of different styles of kiddie kitchens, but this looks pretty unique.
nimase85 Jan 29, 2013
I used to love toy kitchens when I was younger I wish my niece was old enough to use this... I will be sure to pass it on thanks for sharing
shimisi Jan 29, 2013
Nice price for this. Big enough for at least 2 kids to play on at the same time.
Gamemaster Jan 29, 2013
Very Nice
seanvcxz Jan 29, 2013
This is a great idea for the little one. I actually saw that they are starting to make these more for boys too. I guess the stereotype that only women cook is starting to go away.
zoneric Jan 30, 2013
true, but this stereotype goes away for the grown ups. the little ones don't know that yet.
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mikhaila Jan 29, 2013
this is such a cute little kitchen, great deal.
blackfoot Jan 29, 2013
Cute looking kitchen, think kids will really enjoy this toy.
Dexterous Jan 29, 2013
nice toy deal, good find
FibroMom Jan 29, 2013
This is SO Adorable! I only have 1 granddaughter (thus far) and she is only 1 - but I am thinking she might be ready for it this upcoming Christmas... so I am grabbing one for her. Thanks for sharing this great deal.
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LindaKNor Jan 29, 2013
Great idea to grab something when it is a good deal and put it away for later.
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zoneric Jan 30, 2013
like put it away for Christmas. too early maybe. where can I hide such a thing that no one finds it? :D
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FibroMom Jan 30, 2013
I have a storage room that hubby built me in my barn... but - that's just me. ;)
zoneric Jan 30, 2013
that's a cool idea. but, I live in an apartment, so there's not much space...
poe601 Jan 29, 2013
So cute and even with shipping it is a good deal!
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dealio23 Jan 28, 2013
Aw this is adorable! My friend's little kids love to "cook" and would love this toy, thanks!
boricua1 Jan 28, 2013
this would be great for my grand daughter..nice price
rockinnrolla Jan 28, 2013
What a fun looking kitchen at a super price! Great find thanks for sharing!