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What's the matter?
dddsss Oct 30, 2013
Why do people keep updating this, it's essentially been the same price as I originally updated it. I spoke to the mods about which price to put on the deal, the Amazon mom price or… I don't know if different mods handle it in different ways, but essentially they've been allowing either that price or the other pricing schemes. The people with Amazon mom see different prices for subscribe and save, so then they write up the deal that way. If that price is valid, then it shouldn't be changed. Otherwise you can constantly update back-and-forth from Amazon mom price to regular price… Which is a waste of everybody's time.
dddsss Oct 29, 2013
Clip Coupon.
=$7.78 with 5 items on Amazon mom.
=$9.97 w/1 subscribe and save. +10% more off on 5 subscribe and save items.
Dealsguru Sep 03, 2013
dddsss,there might have been a change in price ,presently it is showing a change again : $10.97 Free Super Saving Shipping & Free Returns
dddsss Sep 12, 2013
@Dealsguru please stop changing the prices. You need to learn how Amazon pricing works. You just changed the prices the way the moderators wrote it up. Someone should make some YouTube tutorials on how to post on this site. in the meanwhile, you need to look up some more information on this site on how to post.
dddsss Sep 01, 2013
One dollar coupon =$7.78 Amazon mom to $9.42 w/1 subscribe and save.
dddsss Sep 02, 2013
Amazon Mom members with Prime save 20% on diapers and wipes, and thousands of other products when 5 or more items arrive on their monthly delivery day with Subscribe & Save. Diapers and wipes count toward your 5 monthly items and always receive the 20% discount.
The more you subscribe, the more you save.
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5 or more subscriptions arriving in a month Save 20%
Dealsguru Sep 12, 2013
@dddsss ,I am sorry if I had made a mistake again, Thanks for the explanation ,I will be careful ,moreover I will check the tutorial on you tube too.thanks once again.
Kumarplus Apr 10, 2013
this seems to be the best price from all sources. :)