6 In 1 Dispaly Far Infrared Heating Vibration Massage Negative Ion Massager Ultrasonic Beauty Household Introductor Anti Aging

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Input: AC100-240 - v
Output: 15V, 500mA
Ultrasonic frequency: 1MHz
Size: as shown in the picture

-Six kinds of intense pulsed light. Red light: Promote skin cell regeneration. Green Light: Deep Repair. Blue light: remove acne. Yellow light: relieve red blood silk. Purple light: dilute erythema. Blue light: Improve skin.
-Ultrasonic vibrations speed up metabolism.
-Release negative ions, adsorb dirt with positive ions, such as grease, harmful dust, cosmetic residues, etc.
-Vibration massage function.High frequency vibration induces active proteins in dermal tissues and weakens wrinkles.
-Far infrared heating, accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism.Stimulate blood circulation, open pores, and increase skin absorption.
-EMS cushions smooth channels of function.EMS is a physical therapy has a good effect to the body. EMS can stimulate the acupuncture points, activate the energy, so to regulate the interior of the body.

Package Included
1x Ultrasonic Beauty household Introductor
1 x User manual

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