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‘Bedtime Stories’ proposes a different take on reading in bed which will please book and cuddle-lovers alike. 'Bedtime Stories’ is a duvet cover that literally reads like a book!

Each page adds or removes a layer of comfort to each side of the bed. More pages make you warmer and comfier, guiding you (and your partner) into a pleasant night...

The duvet cover not only helps those suffering from insomnia and allows couples to share a book in bed, but also settles for good the eternal fight for more share of bed sheets. All this under a romantic and cheerful mood!

‘Bedtime Stories’ includes two lightweight synthetic duvets + polycotton kingsize duvet cover (to fit 230cm x 220cm) printed with Grimm Brothers’ story ‘The Sleeping Beauty’. Currently available in red cover only.

The product was developed by ourselves with the help of the Sewing Workshop at Tires Prison Facility for Woman (Lisbon, Portugal) where it was carefully hand sewed.

If you are interested on buying 'Bedtime Stories' and your country is not listed, contact us and we will try to arrange a delivery.
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Mishumoshu (L5)
Jul 08, 2012
It is really a great deal. I love it, thanks.
drewskidooo (L3)
Jul 02, 2012
This looks to be a great deal. Thanks for sharing!

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