Ivory Original Bar Soap - 16 Bars

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What's the matter?
jkbane Jun 04, 2013
great price! especially if you are into donating...would be something cheap-easy-and useful to donate to a local shelter!
xrjohn May 28, 2013
good deal for soap, thank you.
backspace May 26, 2013
This is really a lot for the price..
THartz606 May 26, 2013
Good price for that much soap. Wouldn't need to buy more for a while after getting this pack. Thanks for the post.
MrBklynW May 26, 2013
pretty good deal. thanks for sharing
hemalaa May 25, 2013
awesome price for the 16 bar ivory soap. Nice way to save money.
kevin07 May 25, 2013
I dont like this brand much but this is an excellent price!
shopange08 May 25, 2013
Wow fantastic price on all this soap! Time to stock up!
tpark6283 May 25, 2013
That's a large amount for that price, totally worth it!
mnvikings11 May 25, 2013
It's going to take over a month to get the first shipment, but u can't beat this price.
littlexu May 25, 2013
Great price for 16 Ivory bar soap. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
sly1960 May 25, 2013
WOW what a price drop.....thanks for sharing!
Dexterous May 25, 2013
good price for the soap, thanks for sharing
hija_ellen May 25, 2013
great price for 16 bars since this is an add-on item i have to check some other great deals @amazon. thanks
shimisi May 25, 2013
Great end price for such a classic. Pretty amazing these are still around.
dealwagger May 25, 2013
As mentioned above, but is not included in the description, this is an add-on item requiring a $25 purchase. That said, the coupon is working!
rd995 May 25, 2013
Shows 3.79 bu still a good price for this brand
erick99 May 25, 2013
@rd995 You have to clip the .50 coupon which is on the same page.
wzhenwei May 25, 2013
Great deal, thanks for sharing it!
erick99 May 25, 2013
.21 a bar for very gentle soap - a great bargain!
Kritsy May 25, 2013
My wife loves them, awesome price!!!!
Mawhen May 25, 2013
Awesome price! This soap just plain smells clean. :D
glwrks May 25, 2013
I wouldn't use that much as a soap, but there's some fun other uses...just google "projects with ivory soap"!
Nellysg May 25, 2013
Great find because of my kids sensitive skin it's the only soap we use!
xptrish Mar 05, 2013
it's the only soap my dad would use. : )
erick99 Mar 05, 2013
I updated the deal to reflect the new price, the price for Subscribe & Save, and the fact that it is currently an Add-On item.
rd995 Mar 05, 2013
really good price for 16 bars comes out to 29 cents each not like the title says 50 cents thats for the old price
Tdavid6305 Feb 28, 2013
It says $17.49, hmmm.
deal Feb 28, 2013
Yeah i see the same thing as well. Seems that the deal has expired. :(
boricua1 Feb 28, 2013
wow awesome price drop..really nice find