Lysol Cling Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Country Scent, 2 - 24 Ounce bottles

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Otherwise price is $3.76
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What's the matter?
lilywow May 21, 2013
I am running out soon. Time to stock up
littlexu May 21, 2013
Great price for 2 24 Ounce bottles of Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
rubyoro0 May 21, 2013
Apparently they changed formula on this product and is now staining bowls blue. Maybe why the price? Trying to get rid of lots?
dvinegrace83 May 21, 2013
interesting theory! i always wonder why stuff gets clearanced out so low sometimes.. i think it usually has to do with expiration date or new packaging..
Durr21 May 21, 2013
Nice this is pretty awesome this stuff is great nice deal
rockinnrolla May 21, 2013
Nice price for 2. Thanks for sharing. :)
YesBoss May 21, 2013
Good Price For Lysol 2 - 24 Ounce bottles .
MrBklynW May 21, 2013
not too bad of a deal. thanks for sharing
akaricke May 20, 2013
Price went up a little bit but still good for the money. I got these last time around and they work great.
shopange08 May 20, 2013
These work great. Nice find for 2! Thanks
hija_ellen May 20, 2013
great price, thanks for posting!:)
Nvaldera May 20, 2013
Nice! Awesome deal for toilet cleaner, they are expensive!!
LindaKNor May 20, 2013
Wow. That is a fantastic deal. Thank you for the notification.
xrjohn May 20, 2013
very good cleaner. great price.
At0micAmbER May 16, 2013
Great Deal!
Jlowry May 14, 2013
I have never used this kind. this is a great price. thanks for sharing
Jazmine_ilene May 14, 2013
Great price for this pack of 2. I'll pick this up. Thanks =)
THartz606 May 14, 2013
Good price for 2. Definitely going to pick some up. Thanks for the post.
poe601 May 14, 2013
Great product and price for 2 of them.
lotuslove19 May 14, 2013
lysol clings well to the side of the bowl, I have a subscribe and save subscription for this.this is a nice deal those who are new to this product.
MrBklynW May 14, 2013
not too bad of a price. thanks
Dexterous May 13, 2013
not bad for two pcs
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EzzyLovesToSave May 13, 2013
Super price!...thanks:)
Durr21 May 13, 2013
This stuff works great always solves the problem great deal
MyPrecious May 13, 2013
The only way this product can stain your toilet is if you have a defective toilet...meaning the glazing has broken down and lets dye into the porcelain.
akaricke May 13, 2013
Good price. One more item to get towards the 5 item subscribe and save 15% discount.
blackfoot May 13, 2013
Good price for a double pack, works real good.
backspace May 13, 2013
I need toilet bowl will shine great
xptrish May 13, 2013
FYI Only $3.76 without subscribing
krmills1 May 13, 2013
@xptrish Yes, but you have to pay shipping if you don't spend at least $25 as this is part of the add-on program.
xptrish May 13, 2013
Yes,I know,I had other things in my cart so this made it over the $25. Thank You!
xptrish May 13, 2013
Got the deal,thanks
xptrish May 13, 2013
Oh good it's back,I waited too long last time and the price was I think over $7, thanks for the update,not waiting this time!
tanush6 Apr 27, 2013
i love the dark colored liquids than these aqua ones. i feel they are tough on stains. i may be wrong just my thought
Mawhen Mar 01, 2013
It's $3.76 now, but that's still a great bargain on this product. Thanks, I will order this today!
erick99 Jan 24, 2013
Got 'em and what a great deal! I'm set for a few months :)
erick99 Jan 16, 2013
Placing order now! I love Amazon and I love DP :) Plussed
krmills1 Jan 16, 2013
I have 2 bottles of this in my bathroom now! It smells great and really works well too.
ilene285 Jan 16, 2013
Great low price for this 2 pack!
dvinegrace83 Jan 02, 2013
def a good price for a name brand toilet cleaner.
bbattag Jan 02, 2013
For anyone with Dollar Tree nearby. Mine has Lysol toilet bowl cleaner for $1. It's not the "cling" style as in this deal, but it works pretty well. Worth checking out if you frequent dollar tree.
dealwagger Jan 16, 2013
Great tip--I used to buy bargain brands but they are very watery. Ends up being less of a deal than the branded stuff!
krmills1 Jan 16, 2013
This stuff really clings well to the side of the bowl, I have a subscribe and save subscription to this.
arsiel Jan 16, 2013
Whoa, didn't know the dollar store sold the Lysol brand of toilet bowl cleaner. It's even $1.69ish at walmart
bbattag Jan 17, 2013
@arsiel - yea, check it out. Multiple Dollar Trees near me have had it