Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Soap, Starter Kit Stainless, Aloe, 8.50-Ounce

See price on right hand side under "More buying Choices"
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What's the matter?
helloamy1977 Mar 09, 2012
does the soap bottle stick out the top?
Brentheriot Mar 09, 2012
Same here. I kept thinking I could find a good coupon in my Sunday paper, but never have. Time to try it out :)
bigsike Mar 08, 2012
Here in Ohio we have stores called Olies Outlet and they sell these for $4.49 I've been seeing them for months and just bought a few last week. If you guys go there you'll find them there. :)
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steward Mar 08, 2012
Awesome discount! Great deal!
lilywow Mar 08, 2012
Amazing deal.
dvinegrace83 Mar 08, 2012
yeah, for that price i'd definitely consider giving it a try! for the original price, probably not!
MHT962 Mar 08, 2012
Oh, just in case people don't notice, the lower price option is telling me it won't ship for 2-4 weeks. Thought I should point that out if it matters to anyone. (Probably why the default is the higher price)
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Brentheriot Mar 09, 2012
Thanks for pointing that out.
MHT962 Mar 08, 2012
I would probably end up trying to do that too! :) Thanks.
Planecrazy Mar 08, 2012
Hmm... either I'm missing something or the price has changed ... came up at $18 (and change) when I just went there. I have two white ones that work great, AND I modified the soap container so I can refill it with any liquid soap I like! Used a plastic screw top from a milk carton and "Amazing Goop." Looks nice and works perfectly!

Now if I could just score one more of these at the posted price I'd be golden! ;-)

Any additional info on how to get the price to drop would be appreciated, thanks!
Planecrazy Mar 08, 2012
Btw, the screw cap I used was the small one from a "quart" paper container of milk, not the bigger gallon style.

Drilled a hole in the top of the soap container (after it was used up, of course), carefully cleaned the plastic bits out of it, dried it, and glued the round cap assembly over the hole. Looks like it always belonged there! I'll do the others as they get used up, so that I can use different soaps as desired. ;-)
MHT962 Mar 08, 2012
Hit the "15 new" button a little under the price (act quick there's only one left). Then with that you should be able to chooose the first one for $6.47 (Make sure you get the free shipping with $25 option if you want that). They may be sold out now...
Planecrazy Mar 08, 2012
Thanks for the additional info! I DID see those choices, but thought there was some sort of "sign-up" that allowed for a single unit to be purchased at the low price with free shipping.

In order to get the free shipping right now I'd have to order four of them (to go over $25). A great deal if you need four, but I already have two (white ones) and don't need that many more, hehe! It's all good - thanks!
helloamy1977 Mar 08, 2012
now i need an automatic faucet
alemery Mar 08, 2012
Also, you can pry off the top of the soap container and refill with whatever liquid soap you want...that is what I do!! :o)
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gangstabarbie Mar 08, 2012
we use this at home and it's great. i cant believe we no longer have to pump soap.
sooner or later we will have a machine to bathe us!
deal Mar 08, 2012
Wow i did the same thing. Can't go wrong with the price for these things. I actually owned one of these before but paid a lot more at Duane Reade. It works really well and the Aloe scent is actually pretty good.
MHT962 Mar 08, 2012
Thanks. Prices seemed high on Amazon; wasn't sure what the normal in store price would be.
poe601 Mar 08, 2012
Walmart sells the refills for about $3.50 & The starter kits are about $6.50
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