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Seriously now. What would you do if you were stuck in the middle of nowhere and your cell phone died? Would you a) Die along with it? b) Scream in the hopes that someone would find you and get you to the nearest charger? c) Cry? or d) Pull out your 5600mAh Cell Phone Battery Backup Emergency Power Source? If you answered "d" then you obviously had the foresight to pick up on a fabulous deal like this. If you answered any of the first three, then don't wait any longer and get your backup emergency power source now! Want to know more? • Recharges your phone when you have run out of power • Connects to your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, and other smartphones and devices to recharge the battery with your USB • Power cell backup recharges via a USB connection to your computer or other USB power source • Fits into your pocket, purse, or briefcase to go anywhere that you travel • Durable aluminum case • 5600mAh battery • DC input - 5v - 600mA / DC output - 5v - 1000mA • Available in your choice of Black, Green, Pink, Red, or White
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