Cell Phone Charging Shelf

Hangs between battery charger and wall socket
Provides a support for your cellphone and convenient storage for your charging cord.
High quality material
Practical life style gadgets
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What's the matter?
pdilodam Oct 05, 2012
This is actually the cheapest I have seen this item go for. Great deal. Thank you!
Nerivajoop1620 Oct 05, 2012
that's cool stuff....Now we can charge our phones anywhere at home.Thanks
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zoneric Oct 05, 2012
this small item is very practical. the one who invented it made a lot of money I think.
ancagavs Oct 05, 2012
it's very practical and that counts a lot. nice find.
MrBklynW Oct 04, 2012
lols awesome, will come in handy, i sometimes have leave my phone on the floor since the outlet is too far away from my table=P
zoneric Oct 05, 2012
well, mine usually ends up under the bed while charging :D
blackfoot Oct 04, 2012
Neat item, might be something I could benefit from.
naturaldeal Oct 04, 2012
This is nice price
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additc Oct 04, 2012
not good if you have a toddler though
MdavidK30 Oct 04, 2012
Great find, Erick- Is this something for ALL cellphones?
Dexterous Oct 04, 2012
Which cellphone ? Works with any brand? Confused
zoneric Oct 05, 2012
I do not think it has to do with the brand of the phone. it's just a shelf. the phone and the charger are your own.
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rockinnrolla Oct 04, 2012
This could be really usefull! Super price thanks for sharing! :)
newjerseychickxo Oct 04, 2012
This is a great idea. I love it. And the price,awesome. Nice find.
chuckydealpl Oct 04, 2012
great space saver. wish i thought of this.
THartz606 Oct 04, 2012
That would come in handy and it's a good price. I think I'll pick one up and pass it along to my parents since they might want to pick one up too. Thanks for sharing this. :)
Subha83 Oct 04, 2012
Great idea.I think not big enough to hold Iphone.
shopange08 Oct 04, 2012
Very neat idea.. And a great price--picking up two!
bbattag Oct 04, 2012
Cool concept. Never seen anything like this before.
nimase85 Oct 04, 2012
This is pretty neat I found something like this on Pinterest if you want to DIY it here
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Jameson99 Oct 04, 2012
Clever idea!
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boricua1 Oct 04, 2012
I like this..this is a pretty good idea..nice
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erick99 Oct 04, 2012
It's one of those simple ideas that someone thinks up and makes a ton of money. I wish I had those ideas :)
branie Oct 04, 2012
Pretty cool and it keeps it off the counter away from any harm, well hopefully :) Nice practical item.
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