MONOPOLY (Android) app

Legend has it that the modern version of the MONOPOLY board game was invented during the Depression by an unemployed man named Charles Darrow. Rebuffed by the major game companies of the time, he published it himself--and it went on to become perhaps the world's most popular board game.

Now, in the 21st century, you can play the same classic game of MONOPOLY on your Kindle Fire. And it's a ton of fun.++
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What's the matter?
psplove Dec 29, 2011
Now $4.99
beatsbydre Dec 28, 2011
well worth the price for this
yoyoxb Dec 28, 2011
I need a smart phone
zhn2011zhn Dec 28, 2011
i just want to buy one phone to support app to play so fun game!
jamesjr55 Dec 28, 2011
Cool Love Monopoly!!
mnvikings11 Dec 28, 2011
great game for the kids to play from the cloud
FibroMom Dec 28, 2011
Just got a Kindle Fire... Now to figure out HOW to upload it... (I think I need a "Kindle for Dummies" Book!) ;) GREAT Find! :)
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MrBklynW Dec 28, 2011
thanks!, my favorite game=D
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sonicinfidel Dec 28, 2011
Note that you have to install the Amazon Appstore for Android, then activate Mobile 1-Click Ordering, then provide a default payment method for mobile ordering (even though the Monopoly app is free right now). It's kind of a pain in the ass, but it does work.
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somesome11 Dec 28, 2011
Yeah I agree, you also have to allow external apps to be installed as well (apps that didn't come from the app store), or at least I did. But, the free apps are worth it since you only have to do it once (and typically one good one a week or so is worth the hassle).
kodell Dec 28, 2011
For Android devices only. :(
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pdubbb Dec 28, 2011
I've been wanting to try this but no way for $5 nice find!!
poe601 Dec 28, 2011
vimalr Dec 28, 2011
This can be added to the Amazon cloud and can be downloaded later. Got this one for my Nook Color.
arsiel Dec 28, 2011
Good tip! I never considered that. It'll be on hold until I get something I can play it on :/
somesome11 Dec 28, 2011
I think that's good advice, I've "purchased" many of the free apps of the day (as long as they have decent ratings), even if I don't install them now, they'll still say purchased if I choose to install them later (so I don't have to pay to play).
dahoen Dec 28, 2011
You must really enjoy the Apple flavored kool-aid..."Just $0.99 for IPhone"...why not Free...oh yeah...cuz Apple gives nothing for free!
TyLu82 Dec 28, 2011
Apple doesn't provide the pricing of the app. The developers of the software lists the price. If the developer decides to give it away for free in the App Store, then it will be free, just like the thousands of free apps in the App Store. FYI, the Apple flavored Kool-Aid is better with tons of sugar.
gonnagettaviper Dec 28, 2011
@dahoen: Not sure what your misguided agression is supposed to mean. If I developed an app, I sure wouldn't give it away unless I could make revenue off of apps.
akaricke Dec 28, 2011
I need a smart phone
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dvinegrace83 Dec 28, 2011
how fun! makes me wish i had a phone that let me have apps hehe
kimeeb Dec 28, 2011
L.o.l. Same here.