AmazonWireless: Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Android Phone, Blue 16GB (Verizon Wireless)

*Contract Pricing.
*Was $199 on contract.
*Now only $139 through amazon wireless.
*16GB Model.
*Free 2day Shipping

This is a great deal for a great price!
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erick99 Sep 08, 2012
I came so close to getting this phone last month but decided on the Nexus because Google makes it and the carriers don't put any of their perma-crapware on it. You are supposed to get upgrades first as well on the Nexus. But, it was very, very hard to walk away from how cool the SIII. This phone is more popular than the iPhone now and put Samsung over the top as selling more smartphones than anyone else.
jkbane Sep 08, 2012
IMO the GS3 was what the Nexus should have been. The specs are better. I REALLY like the idea of the unlocked factor though. I like Verizon as far as the coverage goes , but they hold back things. The Nexus on VZW has yet been given the official Jelly Bean update. Which defeats the purpose (like you mentioned) of getting 1st pushed updates to the phone. But the GS3 is easy to root and once rooted, there is aone click unlock bootloader app.
erick99 Sep 08, 2012
I'm really happy with the Nexus but Sprint hasn't approved the 4.1 update either and, as you said, part of the point of getting a Nexus was that you would get the updates first (well, after the unlocked Google phone, anyway). It was cool getting the phone with zero Sprint crapware on it. I think Verizon will approve 4.1 before Sprint does from what I have read.
jkbane Sep 08, 2012
Its a waiting game. A buddy of mine were talking yesterday that if Moto would make a Nexus, we would be all over that! The Nexus 7 is the closest to pure Android to date of recent devices. OS update direct from Google.

Either way, as far as this deal goes with Amazon. Cant beat it. Best deal on the market for a great phone.

This is the first phone that I have owned that I have not had the urge to go back to the iPhone. Big deal for me. I went through a few Android devices too lol. Anyways, I also run a tech site. Check it out.
erick99 Sep 08, 2012
Where is your tech site? I will check your profile. I am very tempted to get a Nexus 7 tablet. I've not seen a tablet get those kind of user ratings before. People really love it and it ships (at least now) with 4.1.
jkbane Sep 08, 2012

I have an iPad 2, I would love to see how it compares.