Apple iPhone 4 16GB Black (AT&T) Cell Phone Refurbished

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REFURBISHED Black Apple iPhone 4 16GB (AT&T) in Good Condition With USB Cable, Charger & Earbuds

Manufacturer: Apple
Model: iPhone 4
Capacity: 16GB
Color: Black
Carrier: AT&T Only - Cannot be Unlocked
Condition: Refurbished - Good (See Below)

Included Items: iPhone, 60 Day Warranty, Generic USB Cable, Generic Charger & Generic Earbuds
Product Description:
Please note that this iPhone is Refurbished and in Good cosmetic condition (please refer to our condition scale for details). We have cleaned, tested and restored this item to the original factory settings. You will receive this iPhone in a plain white box with a generic USB , generic charger and generic earbuds. You will need to insert your own SIM card into this phone in order to use it with your AT&T cell phone service.
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We test every iPhone, restore the software and if needed to, we refurbish them. To give our customer a better understanding of the condition of the iPhone we developed the following condition rating system. Please note that any additional items included will be listed in the item description. SIM cards ARE NOT INCLUDED with any iPhone we sell.

This unit is brand new and has never been used.

This iPhone is guaranteed to have no technical imperfections. The screen will not have any scratching, blemishes or clouding. The faceplate and back are without any deep scratching, denting or engraving but may have light scuffing or scratching. Unless otherwise stated, the battery is as-is and has not been tested for remaining life.

This iPhone has no technical imperfections and the screen will have scuffing and or scratching, but is readable. This unit has some scuffing, scratching and signs of normal wear all over. It is free from dents and may have small cracks (less than half an inch) by the power, vibrate and volume controls. Unless otherwise stated, the battery is as-is and has not been tested for remaining life.

This is the lowest condition on our grading scale. This unit has been tested and it is fully functional. This unit shows significant signs of use. This can include, but not limited to: Heavy scuffing and scratching on the faceplate, backplate and screen and/or denting, nicking and chipping on the body. Additionally, there could be cracks on the body bigger than half and inch. Unless otherwise stated, the battery is as-is and has not been tested for remaining life.

The iPhone is not working properly. Possible damaged hard drive, motherboard and/or screen. All broken iPods sold AS IS.
Please note that if not stated differently, the iPhone comes with the existing battery. We do not test existing batteries for remaining life and their run-time is not covered by our return policy.
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dropslike (L5)
Mar 26, 2012
Great deal for IPhone 4 nice price drop even if it's refurbished

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